Quilmes Rock 2022: amazing closing Saturday with Thunder with Gorillaz

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Quilmes Rock 2022: amazing closing Saturday with Thunder with Gorillaz

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Gorillaz and Trueno at Quilmes Rock 2022. Photo courtesy PopArt

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In Tecnópolis full of public and after a day that lasted more than seven hours with shows for all tastes developed in five stages, at 10:20 pm it was the turn of the main figures of the first day of Quilmes Rock 2022, starting in Las Pelotas on the Quilmes stage, is one of the two biggest in the festival.

With remarkable punctuality and initiation just seconds after Thunder took a classic selfie with his big gang at the end of his convincing show, Germán Daffunchio’s staff launched their arsenal of indigenous emotions holding hands in what can you give.

Coming soon stop potatoes added intensity and ignited the loyal audience that was proud of Las Pelotas, the truly better half of the group from west of Buenos Aires.

uneven beginning, the sound improved with the running of the songs. The presentation and especially the lighting work are pros in their own brilliance, which contributes to sentimental songs like victim of heaven either how wounds heal to reach the target of your intentions.

German Daffunchio, from Las Pelotas.  Photo.  courtesy of pop art

German Daffunchio, from Las Pelotas. Photo. courtesy of pop art

Las Pelotas: a long -awaited concert

Despite the fact that the band successfully reinvented itself in the first post-pandemic shows including the show Versions -a show fully adapted to the possibilities of the first stage of opening restrictions- it was a long-awaited concert by the public and the band, who finally did not have the opportunity to tour to present the album it is soof 2020.

The end of each party with Captain America It worked as a relief and celebration, the musicians were blindfolded and the fans left their voices with every word.

The ambitious adventure of Damon Albarn

Minutes later, the next stage lit up and a broken television signal began to announce that Gorillaz was about to take the stage – Damon Albarn’s most ambitious adventure.

Gorillaz at Quilmes Rock 2022. Photo courtesy PopArt

Gorillaz at Quilmes Rock 2022. Photo courtesy PopArt

Just having on stage multiple formations already causes delirium. M1 A1 he broke the ice with guitars played with the intelligence of a hooligan and a level of power that unfortunately doesn’t do the show’s sound justice.

But nothing stops an inspired Damon Albarn and so, wrapped in a white dress, moving like a hallucinated leprechaun, he entrusts himself to the fine art of classy entertainment.

Next, the notes of Strange Timez they raise the nerve and the sample voice of Robert Smith (The Cure) hypnotizes like a holographic shaman. When the theme enters a rhythmic regime, everything starts to flow.

Damon Albarn, from Gorillaz, at Quilmes Rock 2022. Photo courtesy of PopArt

Damon Albarn, from Gorillaz, at Quilmes Rock 2022. Photo courtesy of PopArt

another level of energy

The audio improves and the night reaches another energy level. At this point you can already appreciate the virtues of a band and a chorus that are wonderful, understanding in an ideal way the sound concept of blurring the boundaries between the organic -what is played live- and the synthetic -what is triggered by samples and sequences.

If there’s one thing that leaves Damon Albarn in a space of total authority, it’s his remarkable facility for composing songs that, shortly after being released, fell into the category of “ we all know “. And the best: as a good experiment, always have a surprise acethe novelty ace in the hole who manages to keep interest after more than two decades with Gorillaz.

That said, you can guess that the setlist is a pleasure for any fan of the group and a reason to fall in love with others: whoever can count on the level songs Last Living Souls, Rhinestone Eyes, 19 2000, Stylo either Andromeda (to name a few) had half the show won before it started.

But more important is what Gorillaz sends sometimes in a clear way, at other times subliminally. It’s that the project works like a factory of almost perfect songs, yes, but its highest contribution is an exciting worldview about how urgently multiculturalism is needed – don’t be confused with globalization, please -.

Through an unexpected collaboration, musical influences from five continents that are stunningly adorned with unmistakable pop DNA and a multiracial band -both in its graphic version and in its flesh-and-blood version-, Gorillaz twists, from England, the classic and timeless discourse of rock and pop defying death, putting purism in checkmate of genres that have sprung up in that country with the soul of a conqueror.

A very good Thunder participation

To crown this idea, it is enough to take as an example the impressive participation of Trueno for the closing of the show in Clint Eastwood.

The local referent is knock loose, canchero and solvent. And he used sound, rhythm and habit as immaculate natural connectors: while he improvised his words about La Boca with nods to porteño slang, Albarn played the classic dub arrangement of the greatest hit “gorillero “in a melodica.

Both stare into each other’s eyes, proving a language of communication that goes beyond languages ​​and formality. If UNESCO started naming the groups as a world heritage site, there is no doubt that Gorillaz was one of the first.


Source: Clarin

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