“I wonder if peace is really sought”, Francis criticized the negotiations on the Russia-Ukraine war

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Difficult message from Pope Francis with questions about peace negotiations in Ukraine. Photo: EFE

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Pope Francis today announced his deep concern about the war in Ukraine and wondered “If you’re really looking for peace“, while again calling for the safe evacuation of the metallurgical plant from the city of Mariupol.

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I was struggling and crying considering the suffering of the Ukrainian population, especially the weakest, the elderly and children. The dreadful news of expelled and exiled children has come, ”the pontiff lamented from the window of the Apostolic Palace after the recitation of Regina Caeli, who replaces the Angelus during Easter.

And he asked: “While attending a frightening retreat of humanityI wonder, with many people in anguish, whether peace is truly sought, whether there is a desire to avoid the continued rise of the military or verbal, whether everything possible is being done to silence the weapons.

Francisco, who at every public appearance had words for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, asked believers to pray the rosary throughout the month of May to ask for peace.

And specifically asked safe humanitarian corridors to evacuate people inside the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, which was besieged by Russian troops.

“What I think goes to Mariupol, indiscriminately bombed and destroyed. Now, and from there, I renew the request that they ensure humanitarian corridors for the people of the steel mill, ”he urged.

Francis concluded by insisting on the need for negotiation: “I beg you, do not give in to the logic of violence, to the upside down spiral of arms, tread the path of dialogue and peace.”

With information from EFE


Source: Clarin

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