Santi Maratea reappeared and released all his fury against the Kirchnerists in a video

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On his Instagram account, Santiago Maratea (31) vented all his anger against the Kirchnerists and it became a trend online.

In the IG Stories format, the influencer starts by mentioning the questions they receive.

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“What do you think, I’ll give money to all the pensioners, food to all the comedians, I’ll put out the fires. Is there anything else you want me to do? You could ask someone else, take your favorite artist, who has so many I’m coming, and I ask him to do it”, began Maratea, who has gained much notoriety in recent years thanks to his popular solidarity campaigns.

“All those who, entering their profile, ask ‘where is Maratea now’ are Kirchnerists. Friends, If you’re a Kirchnerist, you can’t bother me with “where are you now”. Because one of the main reasons why I disappeared a bit from the networks and the media is because the media effort that was against me last year was terrible. “It burned my head”launched Maratea, explaining the reason for distancing himself from the networks.

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And he continued: “Journalists like (Diego) Brancatelli, media like El Destape, C5N… all people who received money from the government. For what? To spread lies.”

“Then you saw Brancatelli in Qatar, Dubai, New York… he looked like fat Tini that oneWith what money? With the state money that they used against certain people, “she began in a sharp tone with the journalist and presenter of C5N.

Santi Maratea unloaded all his anger on Instagram stories.Santi Maratea unloaded all his anger on Instagram stories.

Source: Clarin

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