The intersection of Javier Milei with Lali Espósito: China Suárez came to support the artist

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Eugenia La China Suarez He spoke about the intersections between President Javier Milei and Lali Espósito, which returned after the artist’s presentation at the Cosquín Rock.

At the Córdoba festival, Lali presented a song with a strong speech. “This song is for liars, idiots, bad people, those who don’t appreciate, the antipatriates… Everyone”he pointed.

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So, at the time of the topic Who are they?, Lali changed part of the lyrics and sang: “If I smoke, if I live, if I drink, “If I live off the state”in clear reference to the accusation recently received by Milei and many of his followers on the networks, where Lali is the subject of strong questions.

Milei’s response came from Italy, always very active in the networks. La Libertad leader Avanzan shared his messages

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In this context, La China Suárez intervened, who had a friendly relationship with Lali since they were colleagues in the Casi Ángeles youth group and in the gang Teenage angels.

On her Instagram account, where she has more than 6.5 million followers, the actress allowed herself to be asked questions and a follower asked her about Lali and the strong criticism she usually receives online.

“What do you think about what they are doing to Lali and how cruel they were to her?”they consulted him.

And China responded.

China Suárez came out to defend Lali Espósito.  Instagram.China Suárez came out to defend Lali Espósito. Instagram.

“I think no one should be cruel to someone who thinks differently. It’s a constant River – Boca”he pointed out first.

Then, La China came out to support her friend: “I admire her, I love her, she is a unique artist. Since I was little, I have worked with respect, love and discipline.”

The spicy hints of Lali Espósito at Cosquín Rock


The singer changed the lyrics of her song “Who am I?” after receiving new questions from Javier Milei about networks.


The singer sent an encrypted message to Milei after a repost on the President’s networks for her performance at Cosquín Rock.

The tension between Lali Espósito and Javier Milei’s followers began when, in August 2023, after the libertarian’s victory in PASO, the artist published: “How dangerous, how sad.”

The next day, when asked about the topic, Milei assured that he did not ignore Lali as an artist. “I don’t know who he is, I listen to the Rolling Stones,” she said at the time.

From there Lali began to receive strong criticism online from the libertarian’s followers, which increased when Milei was elected president.

Recently, in a note to LAM, Lali declared on this matter: “In my case they messed with the rents of municipal shows, creating the image of the artist who leaves with bags full of municipal money. “It’s absolute delirium.”

“I don’t jump and I don’t get angry because I understand that they need that foam. I don’t like being in the center of that foam, but I have the tranquility of years of work, of who I am, of how I move. When I’ve done municipal shows, in addition to making a living from what I do, the joy is that there are 200 or more families working in those shows,” said the actress and singer who recently confirmed her relationship with the streamer and journalist Pedro Rosemblat.

Source: Clarin

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