Featherweight has reappeared on social media: the gesture that confirms that with Nicki Nicole there is no going back

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After their scandalous separation from Nicki Nicole (23), Featherweight (24) they reappeared on their social networks and deleted all photos of the couple he had on his profile.

The relationship between the Mexican artist and the Argentine trapper ended abruptly after the images of him with another woman in a hotel in Las Vegas, United States.

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Immediately after seeing them, Rosario deleted all the posts she had with the singer on her Instagram profile, where almost 22 million people follow her, and published a painful statement.

With an open heart, Nicki opened up to her fans: “Respect is a necessary part of love. What you love, you respect. What you respect, you take care of. When you don’t take care of yourself and when there is no respect.”

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“I won’t stay there. I’ll leave” expressed the Rosary and ended the relationship with the Mexican.

In closing, he explained that he learned of the musician’s infidelities through the Internet: “With great sorrow, please know that I discovered it the same way you discovered it.“Thank you for the love you give me.”

Now, after several days there has been silence without referring to the subject, Featherweight reappeared on their social networks and followed in the footsteps of his ex-girlfriend: He removed all the photos he had with her from his profile.

Nicki Nicole has spoken out after Featherweight's infidelity.  Instagram.Nicki Nicole has spoken out after Featherweight’s infidelity. Instagram.

The most recent were the images of them in love and happy at the time of giving birth Grammy Awards 2024the last time they were seen together before the sad outcome.

It is worth mentioning that in that important event in the world of music, held on February 4the young singer-songwriter was awarded for his album Genesis in the category “Best Mexican Music Album”.

Featherweight and Nicki Nicole, together at the latest Grammy Awards.  Photo: EFEFeatherweight and Nicki Nicole, together at the latest Grammy Awards. Photo: EFE

And although he continues to avoid talking about the viral images of him with another woman, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, as his real name is, announced an international tour called Exoduswhich does not include, at least for now, Argentina.

Nicki Nicole’s Tips for Featherweight

After the scandal that ended with the separation, the singer returned to the stage and took the opportunity to dedicate sharp hints to the Mexican artist.

The artist performed in Guatemala, a country she visited as part of the international tour “Abre su alma”, and when she sang the phrase “You told me you were dying for me. But it was another one you preferred” on the subject Between usNicki made a forceful “fuck you” gesture.


Descent: The Rosario singer has not forgotten the Mexican after his deception with Sonia Sahar.

The audience present at the show took the hint of their former partner and did not hesitate to do so applaud her for supportbefore the difficult time he had to go through due to his breakup.

Nicki played too Mamichulaa song he released in 2020 andn collaboration with her ex-boyfriend Trueno.

When he sang the part of “She left her boyfriend because he was a… “aspiring”, the artist pointed to herselfclarifying once again that The courtship that ended in October 2023 has officially come to an end and who doesn’t have good memories of the Mexican artist.

Source: Clarin

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