Jorge Rial’s spicy analysis of Marcelo Tinelli’s year with “Bailando 2023”: “He spent 19 sticks a day and won 6”

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Jorge Rial He returned from Mexico, where he was installed for two months, and did an in-depth analysis of his vision of current entertainment. In this sense he was referring to what 2023 has left behind Marcelo Tinelli, year in which he arrived with the Dance to América TV, a channel where former intruder he has been working for more than two decades and knows it very well.

Look, we were never friends. The last time I spoke to him was the day before it aired, which was last year. I didn’t say more. I’m not a friend, I’ve never gone to eat at home. Well, he came to me but for other reasons, not to eat. I don’t have this relationship,” Jorge began, speaking of his bond with the driver, in a note delivered to Marina Calabró for Calabrian 107.9 his radio series on El Observador.

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And professionally I think it’s very difficult for Marcelo to move away from being Marcelo Tinelli. And I think sooner or later he’s going to have to get out of there,” Rial said, piquantly.

Then, Morena’s father deepened his analysis and was very critical in taking stock of how Tinelli’s year was after leaving El Trece. “The truth is, it hasn’t been a good year. In fact he spent 19 sticks a day and collected 6. This is a serious problem. You know that sponsors are essential,” she emphasized.

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And he also referred to the rating that Marcelo obtained with his traditional dance reality show: “The numbers weren’t supposed to explode either. I thought that with Tinelli America could not only get closer to El Trece, in a bad year for El Trece, and it wasn’t like that. He didn’t even approach him. “El Trece was very bad and he couldn’t even do it.”

It seems to me that Tinelli is comfortable where he is, just as I could be comfortable too Intruders Still. But there comes a time when you say “well, I have to do something else.” I made the decision to do TV Nostra, which was the most successful failure of my life. It really helped me a lot because I realized the mistakes I had made, where I was, what was around me. I understood where I was. And I also realized that I needed a change. That’s how I took it,” Jorge added.

Jorge Rial attacked Marcelo Tinelli.Jorge Rial attacked Marcelo Tinelli.

Finally, the former driver of the Intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 12.30pm) made a recommendation to the television entrepreneur: “Sometimes you have to beat yourself hard to get out. And I think Marcelo needs a stick. He doesn’t realize it. He is clinging to the past. And this is all. We are great. I think it hit him but we don’t tell him. We are the doctors who tell you ‘don’t worry, there is still hope’ and we look at the numbers… and the electrocardiogram is screwed.”

Marcelo Tinelli in “Bailando 2023”.Marcelo Tinelli in “Bailando 2023”.

Jorge Rial highlighted the decline of Marcelo Tinelli’s career

Last December, when it was still on the air Dancing 2023 (America), Jorge Rial referred to the ratings of the small screen and there he criticized Marcelo Tinelli in dialogue with Show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 10.30am).

“The show has opened up a lot in this country. There are no more stars. You can renew the faces, but there are no stars. No one can replace Mirtha Legrand, Susana Giménez, Marcelo Tinelli, Moria Casán. The boys are fantastic but they last six months,” he said.

And then he shot his colleague: “This is why Tinelli is returning to the structure of 20 years ago because the desperation for numbers takes you to safety. He is not the same boy who was 40 years old. He is a sixty year old like me. no money “Look for something else.”

Jorge Rial.  Capture TV.Jorge Rial. Capture TV.

“I see Marcelo fighting with the Marcelo of 20 years ago. He will lose because he is no longer the same. He will kiss three boys but he will no longer have the same studio or the same budget. You have to admit that you no longer have the head you used to have and you adapt”, he said.

Source: Clarin

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