The images of Juana Viale’s terrible fall while practicing a water sport

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Giovanna Viale (41) had a terrible fall while practicing a water sport. It happened during the vacation days that she shares with her new partner Iago Lange (35) in Chubut province.

A few days ago, through his Instagram account, guest of Having lunch with Juana (El Trece, Sunday at 1.45pm) came out to deny the rumors according to which she had reconciled with her ex-partner Agustín Corno d’Oro.

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To deny these false versions, she posted a super romantic photo in which she sees herself together with her current boyfriend, Yago Lange, son of the Olympic champion Santiago Lange.

The photo was taken in Mar del Plata, the city where Juana Viale spent a few days since, like her grandmother Mirtha Legrand, she broadcast part of her program El Trece from there.

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To accompany the image in which she and her boyfriend hug each other, Juana Viale wrote: “Normal. Together.”

Giovanna Viale.  Capture Instagram.Giovanna Viale. Capture Instagram.

Very much in love, Yago and Juana decided to take a few days off and took the opportunity to enjoy something they are both passionate about: sport. On their Instagram accounts, they both shared pictures of how much fun they were having.

For example, they were seen sailing, contemplating dreamy sunsets and practicing water sports.

Juana Viale, enjoying a sunset.  Instagram photo.Juana Viale, enjoying a sunset. Instagram photo.
Juana Avenue, pure fun in Chubut.  Instagram photo.Juana Avenue, pure fun in Chubut. Instagram photo.

But today Juana uploaded videos in her stories in which she is seen practicing a water sport called foil surfing. The experience is as strong as it is satisfying as it allows those who practice it to rise and float on the water.

Juana was demonstrating excellent balance on the board that was being dragged by the boat on which her boyfriend, an expert in the sector, was traveling. But… it can fail… And it failed.

At some point, when the table was raised, Mirtha Legrand’s granddaughter lost her balance, fell terribly and screamed.

Her boyfriend was recording Juana’s workout on video, and when it came time to upload it to Instagram, he took the incident with humor. “Nothing in between…extreme”he wrote.

Juana Viale practices the water sport that made her fall.  Capture Instagram.Juana Viale practices the water sport that made her fall. Capture Instagram.

Tomorrow, Friday 23 February, Juana Viale will be in Buenos Aires to attend her grandmother’s birthday party. At the celebration of the presenter’s 97th birthday, in addition to Juana, her daughter will be present Marcela Tinayre and his great-grandchildren. But it isThe great absentee will be his nephew Nacho Vialewho is currently out of Argentina to take part in one of his many motorbike trips.

Who is Yago Lange, Juana Viale’s new boyfriend

Yago Lange, 35 years old, He is the eldest son of Santiago Lange, a three-time Olympic sailing medalist.

As a boy he walked the same path as his father. At the age of 6 he began training as a sailor at the Sailing School of the San Isidro Nautical Club. Together with her brother Klaus, she won the Princess Sofia Trophy in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, in mid-2018, where they won the gold medal.

Juana Viale and her boyfriend Yago Lange, during their vacation in Chubut.  Instagram photo.Juana Viale and her boyfriend Yago Lange, during their holiday in Chubut. Instagram photo.

They also participated in the Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and those held in Tokyo, Japan, in 2020.

Regardless of his sporting vocation, Yago dedicates himself to issues related to environmental protection. He is committed to raising awareness about the pollution of the Argentine sea.

According to him, during his education in Auckland, New Zealand, his interest in environmentalism increased. It happened when he saw a picture of a beach full of fishing waste and plastic in Chubut. So, in April 2023, upon returning to Argentina, he visited the affected area.

Currently, Yago leads several projects to care for the planet in which more than 30 countries are involved.

Source: Clarin

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