Ukraine: Russia launches 20 rounds of North Korea’s ‘Hwasong Type 11’… “At least 24 civilians killed.”

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Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) released photos of debris believed to be North Korean-made missiles, saying Russia used North Korean-made missiles to attack Ukraine. (provided by SBU)

As the circumstances surrounding Russia’s attack on Ukraine using North Korean-made missiles are coming to light, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has documented this and announced a strong response, saying it will take comprehensive measures against Russia and North Korea.

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According to AFP and Radio Free Asia (RFA) on the 22nd (local time), SBU confirmed on its website that Russia is killing Ukrainians with North Korea’s Hwasong-11 (KN-23/24) ballistic missiles. revealed.

The SBU added, “Russian forces fired more than 20 North Korean-made weapons into the skies over Ukraine, killing at least 24 civilians and seriously wounding more than 100.”

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The SBU also released photos of missile fragments and collapsed Ukrainian buildings, saying there were multiple attacks.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian police announced that two ‘Hwasong-11’ short-range ballistic missiles were used in an airstrike in Kharkiv.

In addition, the SBU claimed that Russia attacked an apartment in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, with North Korean-made weapons in early January, killing four residents and leaving about 50 in critical condition.

In addition, it was said that North Korean-made missiles were used to attack villages in the Donetsk region, including Kharkiv, killing 20 civilians.

“The SBU has documented that Russia is using long-range North Korean weapons to conduct airstrikes against Ukrainian civilian infrastructure,” said SBU spokesman Artem Dekhtiarenko.

He added, “These circumstances will be compiled and documented, and comprehensive measures will be taken to identify all acts of crime and punish the perpetrators.”

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Source: Donga

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