Buena Vibra Festival: all the details and times in which each of the artists performs

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This Saturday a new edition of Happy Vibration Daygrew up together with the emerging artists who today fill large theaters and stadiums.

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The training includes figures such as Knowing Russia, he killed a motorized policeman, you point it out to me AND Marilina Bertoldiamong others.

Tickets are sold out and there will be more than 23 thousand people who will be able to enjoy a day full of music and experiences. A peculiarity of the festival is that only those over 18 years of age are admitted.

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You point it out to me.  Photo: Emmanuel FernándezYou point it out to me. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

The property

He UBA sports fieldlocated in Ciudad Universitaria, will be the headquarters of this new edition of Buena Vibra, which is a cultural space of communion for the young Argentine scene, in a research that transcends the musical to propose a multidisciplinary event in which the graphic arts meet, photography, design, fashion and care for the environment.

There will be two main stages and a gastronomic patio, where the Luxo Stage will also be located, where great figures of electronic music will be present.

Indie Internship Times

Doors open at 3.40pm

  • 4.45pm Thunderbolt
  • 5.45pm Kisses
  • 7.05pm My invincible friend
  • 8.25pm ​​Marilina Bertoldi
  • 10pm You point it out to me
  • 11.40pm Killed a motorized police officer
  • 01.20 Strange fish
The schedules of the Buena Vibra festival.The schedules of the Buena Vibra festival.

Pop Stage times

  • 4.15pm Juana Aguirre
  • 5.15pm Chiara Cava
  • 6.25pm ​​Vinicius
  • 7.45pm Club Gauchito
  • 9.10pm Petrol
  • 10.50pm Getting to know Russia
  • 00:30 The Kuelgue

What can you wear?

The organizers advise not to forget mainly:

  • Repellent cream or spray (not aerosol)
  • Sun protection
  • Portable charger if you have it
Items admitted to the Buena Vibra Festival.Items admitted to the Buena Vibra Festival.

They also warn that “We are fumigating the property to ensure you are as free from mosquitoes as possible.”

Source: Clarin

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