Lily Gladstone, the actress who won’t shut up and makes history at the Oscars

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At the Oscar nominees luncheon, she was seated between directors Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan. Lily Gladstone he picked up the phone Annette Bening like a trophy, he still struggles to get used to playing in the big leagues.

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The protagonist of The Moon Killers She is the first Native American actress to be nominated for an Oscar. and steals all eyes. In the film Lily Gladstone fascinates her with her silences, with her way of expressing emotions without many words. She is grateful for the honor, in real life she chooses not to remain silent and Make your mark by reporting discrimination against your community when you can.

When she was offered the role of Mollie Kyle, an indigenous woman from the Osage tribe who marries the character played by Leonardo Dicapriothey had only written a couple of scenes for her.

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Delayed by the pandemic, the director wanted focus on the tribe and the systematic murders that occurred when the oil on their lands made them nouveau riche and prey to white predators. And Lily was center stage.

The actress also says that the cowboy mythos in the Yellowstone series are “regrettable,” although she admits that she did a lot of casting for the series herself.

There isn’t much work for Native American artists, he knows that it’s not every day you find an opportunity like the one Martin Scorsese gave him, where in addition to being able to tell the story of that tribe after learning their language steals the moviealso sharing the screen with DiCaprio and Robert de Niro.

Lily Gladstone, trying to get used to the big leagues.  Here, at the Critics Choice Awards, January 2024. Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/APLily Gladstone, trying to get used to the big leagues. Here, at the Critics Choice Awards, January 2024. Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

But when the Kansas City Chiefs, her boyfriend’s team, Taylor Swiftwon the Super Bowl, Lily Gladstone took advantage of her moment of fame to complain about the warrior chant of the winners’ fans and their “Tomahawk Chop”, accompanied by weapons that imitate ax blows.

“It’s the stereotype of how Hollywood portrayed us in Westerns. It’s nice to love the players and the game, but it still hurts,” he says.

The Oscar refusal in 1973, between Marlon Brando and John Wayne

The Hollywood Film Academy has a history of discrimination and he took his time to start valuing indigenous culture.

Only in September 2022 did the president apologize and pay a public tribute at the Oscar Museum to the indigenous actress who Marlon Brando sent in 1973 to refuse his statuette (if he had won it) for the role of Don Corleone in The Godfather. It was the first time the Oscars had been televised around the world.

Apache activist Sacheen Littlefather refuses the Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando, in front of the amazed Roger Moore and Liv Ulmann.  Photo: BettmannApache activist Sacheen Littlefather refuses the Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando, in front of the amazed Roger Moore and Liv Ulmann. Photo: Bettmann

Sacheen Small Feather (that was her name) was booed when she went on stage and tried to read the long speech Brando had written for her talking about industry discrimination against Native Americans.

They sang that same Indian war song to him backstage when he went into the press room to finish reading it and he says they told him that several guards had grabbed John Wayne because he wanted to interrupt it, like Kanye West. There was no internet and the media didn’t tell that story.

“If Brando had wanted to say something, he would have come instead of sending an unknown girl dressed as an Indian,” Wayne declared the next day.

LittleFeather died a month after the belated tribute, where they acknowledged that the abuse was unjustified. “The emotional toll you have suffered and the cost to your career in our industry is irreversible. “We admire the courage you had and we apologize for the mistreatment,” they told him.

Waiting for the Oscar with his parents and his youth idol

Lily Gladstone, next toLily Gladstone, alongside the idol of her adolescence Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom she shared the bill in “Killers of the Moon”. Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon/Apple TV+ via AP

Recognition comes to Lily Gladstone at age 37 and she is now tasked with keeping the door open for others in her community.

Like Sacheen, she also had a white mother and an Indian father, from the Blackfeet tribe.

Leonardo DiCaprio, his youth idol, proudly benched him from day one. There he will sit down with her and her parents on March 10 to see if he continues to draw the story, although he has difficult moments with Emma Stone.


Martin Scorsese’s film.

Her high school friends replaced the reunion party with a celebration to watch the ceremony, hoping that she would win and accomplish what they had written under her photo in the graduation album: “The one with the best chance of winning.” .”

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