Big Brother: who is Mauro, the new rugby player who has already kissed Furia

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Monday at the gala Big Brother (Telefe at 10.30 pm) five new participants entered the house. One of them, Mauro Dalessiohe drove women crazy with his body and now kissed with Furia.

Mauro is a young man 27 years old living in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood, Buenos Aires, his marital status is single and he has never been in a relationship before in his life. He studies and works in marketing, he is very sociable and his hobby is training and playing rugby.

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In the presentation video Dalessio presents himself as an “atypical Tincho”: “I like going to electronic partiesand then these trousers are the ones I wore yesterday before going out.”

“I’m a very romantic guy, I love sappy plans, like a Yankee movie, but incredibly I’ve never had a girlfriend “I really like blonde girls,” he said regarding his relationship status.

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As for his physique, the new participant of Big Brother he has declared: “I’m very self-centered about my image and how I want to be seen, But then I’m not like that.”

I don’t consider myself a typical Tincho, but people think I’m the model Tincho“mine, going out, going to the gym, everything I do,” he described his lifestyle.

Then, he advanced his game strategy inside the house: “At first I come in, I see how things are, I know who I might like and who might not like me, but later when they get to know me I can put together my own group, be the leader.”

Mauro Dalessio, one of the new participants in Big Brother.  Telefe Press.Mauro Dalessio, one of the new participants in Big Brother. Telefe Press.

Regarding his goal for the competition, Mauro revealed: “I’m black or white, if I get in, I want to win.”

On his Instagram account, where 20 thousand people already follow himthe young man can always be seen surrounded by friends and almost always partying.

Mauro, the new guy on Big Brother, loves to party and train.  Photo: InstagramMauro, the new guy on Big Brother, loves to party and train. Photo: Instagram

Also He usually shares memories of his holidays, enjoying the outdoors, whether at the beach, in a country house or by the pool.

In almost all of his photos he is shirtless to show off his worked body.O. However, in one of his featured stories he asked as a wish that “they appreciate him for what he is and not what he looks like.”

The desire of Mauro Dalessio.  Photo: InstagramThe desire of Mauro Dalessio. Photo: Instagram

How did the kiss between Mauro and Furia go in the Big Brother house?

Because of his physique, Dalessio captured the attention of all the female participants when registering for the competition.

Indeed, Juliana Seeing him enter the front door she exclaimed: “Are you kidding? Look what they brought me, I’m undressing now.”

Later, after sharing dinner together and making formal introductions, Furia and Mauro met at the door of the women’s bathroom.

The new participant was in his underwearpractically naked, while Juliana wore a long shirt and her “pet” Cariño in her hands.


Juliana got engaged to Mauro Dalessio, the rugby player who came in and drove everyone crazy.

There they had their first kiss and Rosina shouted: “They screwed each other!” Mauro lowered the price of what happened and responded: “There’s nothing wrong, it was bullshit.”

The Uruguayan asked them: “One more, one more, one more!”. And in that moment, both They gave each other another kiss in front of the cameras, while Rosina jumped and screamed with excitement.

Source: Clarin

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