Gago has no peace in Mexico, they say he “washes his hands” and set an expiration date: “His position in the classic is at stake”

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These are not the happiest hours you have to go through. Fernando Gago at the command of Chivas de Guadalajara. Already with 10 matches under their belt, the team was just beaten 3-0 by league leaders Cruz Azul while going through a worrying period irregularities of the results which prevailed at the beginning of the former Racing coach’s cycle. And the bad moment led him to end up in the crosshairs of the Mexican press.

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Although his arrival had caused a lot of excitement among the fans, who were satisfied with his performance Pintita achieved during his stay in Argentina, now the reality seems to be different: he just accumulates 15 points out of 30 possiblehe is seventh in the standings and is off the charts a play-offswhich the top six gain access to.

In the context of having only achieved 4 wins and immediately 3 defeats and as many drawsthe victory against Cruz Azul was the straw that broke the camel’s back and left Gago and his style of play in the eye of the storm.

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When you realize that they are compromising you with long balls, gather your team, push them back“, they comment on Fox Sports on the performance of Guadalajara, who are seven points away from first place in the league shared by Cruz Azul, América and Monterrey.

Furthermore, Aldosivi’s coach is accused of taking too long in substitutions and sometimes blaming his own players for the results. “Are you already washing your hands? It’s too early“, thinks the journalist Claudia García.

Gago has won only four of the last ten and worries all of Chivas in view of the classic.  Photo: EFE/Alejandro Zepeda.Gago has won only four of the last ten and worries all of Chivas in view of the classic. Photo: EFE/Alejandro Zepeda.

However, Gago has her golden hour just around the corner: the classic against America, leader of the championship, which will be played this Thursday at the Chivas stadium. A victory could put to rest the questions regarding the manager, just as not getting the three points at home could leave him on the razor’s edge.

The worst thing for a great team is to lose a classic. Of course he is risking his position, because they gave him everything“, says the Mexican press. What did they give Gago? A team with great players, as in the case of the national legend Chicharito Hernandez in his striker, accompanied by his compatriot Víctor Guzmán, top scorer of the tournament with six goals.

The irregularity of the results is a factor that has occurred since the beginning of the cycle of the player leaving Boca. It was difficult for them to start, getting two draws and a defeat, although they would later put together three consecutive victories. But when he seemed to have found some direction, he ended up winning just one game in his last four.

The maximum premise that Gago must satisfy is to straighten out Chivas’ course in the MX championship. But the team is also aiming for this Concacaf Champions Cup. They eliminated Forge from Canada in the first round, but an early defeat may also end the fans’ patience.

The next match against América could be decisive for Gago's future at Chivas.  Photo: Ulises Ruiz/AFP.The next match against América could be decisive for Gago’s future at Chivas. Photo: Ulises Ruiz/AFP.

One of the conditions that can harm Gago is little patience that its fans have dragged in the face of the team’s continuous bad campaigns. Despite being one of the most recognized clubs in the Mexican nation, their last championship dates back to seven years agoa period that disturbs the public more and more as the seasons pass.

In this context, Pintita’s present seems to have taken on an all-or-nothing tone, in the midst of his search for peace and results that will accompany him and prolong his stay in Mexico.

Source: Clarin

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