What is known about the state of health of Roly Serrano after the serious accident on Route 9: he was transferred to Buenos Aires and is still in serious condition

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Monday evening, Roly Serrano He was transferred from Baradero to the High Complexity Medical Institute (IMAC) of Capital Federal to continue treatment after the serious accident he suffered on Sunday and for which he was admitted to intensive care.

“T“They transferred the actor from Baradero to the city of Buenos Aires and he is still in serious condition”, reported in News staff (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 00:15). “He was hospitalized in intensive care and it was decided to transfer him to the IMAC center in the city of Buenos Aires”, he added.

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The actor of “The Marginal”had a serious car accident while driving his truck on Route 9, in the Baradero area, in the direction of Córdoba. After the crash, Roly was rushed to the Carlos Baliela municipal hospital and there, although he arrived “conscious”, he suffered a decompensation for which they had to hospitalize him and provide him with respiratory assistance.

Subsequently, the doctors who treated him confirmed that the artist suffered chest trauma and head trauma, which is why they reported that his prognosis was guarded.

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Jorge Gómez, Serrano’s representative, spoke to Telefe and expressed his concern for the artist’s health: “I have not spoken to him. He was sleeping due to all the drugs and also attached to a respirator. I haven’t been able to talk to him yet.”

Roly Serrano's truck that crashed on Route 9 Sunday night, near Baradero.Roly Serrano’s truck that crashed on Route 9 Sunday night, near Baradero.

Furthermore, Roly’s manager stressed that he had previously warned him to take care of himself and not go out on the streets: “He is a professional driver. He never falls. Maybe it was an oversight. He has been all over Córdoba. I told him not to do it to recover physically. But hey, he’s an actor and he needs to work.”

Roly Serrano was injured on Route 9.Roly Serrano was injured on Route 9.

Source: Clarin

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