Cinthia Fernández commented on her health and sparked controversy on social networks

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Cinthia Fernandez (35) made a joke about his health and generated controversy on social networks. The media recorded a video in which He laughed at his lack of sex and it earned him strong criticism.

A debate began on the speaker’s Instagram, where more than six million people follow her, when she shared a video with a joke about his sexual health.

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In the content, Cinthia wrote: “I went to the gynecologist to have an ultrasound and the result was serious.” There you can see her enter her house, with the drawing of a spider web in hand.

The music on the reel is first full of suspense and then ends with some mocking laughter, suggesting that it was all a joke.

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“A bad diagnosis doesn’t stop you from smiling” added the mother of three girls in the post she published on her profile.

What Fernández wanted to do was laugh at it you haven’t had sexual intercourse for a long time.

This joke he aroused different reactions in his followerssome were outraged because he played with health by saying that the results of his gynecological study were serious.

Cinthia Fernández's joke that sparked controversy.  Instagram.Cinthia Fernández’s joke that sparked controversy. Instagram.

One woman commented: “That line is very burnt and does not bother your health“. “I hate dark humor and even less health… terrible,” wrote another.

But on the other hand, some women took it with humor and they agreed with her that their emotional situation as mothers was also complicated.

“Looks like we went to the same gynecologist,” one commented. “I had a cyst on my ovary that burst and caused internal bleeding, I almost won’t tell you about it but I laughed anyway watching the video… It’s a joke, even for so much morality, relax a little”added another.

The truth is that in less than 24 hours the post It got 37 thousand likes, more than 2 thousand comments and was seen by more than three million people.

What happens between Cinthia Fernández and Martín Baclini

The dancer and the entrepreneur from Rosario met at the beginning of 2018, in the summer season of Villa Carlos Paz. However, only in September of the same year did they decide to cover up their courtship.

Martín Baclini and Cinthia Fernández have been dating for almost a year. Martín Baclini and Cinthia Fernández have been dating for almost a year.

They dated for almost a year, until they announced their separation. This would not be definitive as they appeared together several times, although they later drifted apart again.

In March this year the man was approached Show partners (El Trece) and consulted regarding the bond that unites him to the speaker.

During an interview on the Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich program, Baclini spoke about how his relationship with Fernández is currently: “The truth is that in recent times I talked to her a lot, because we started the topic of the girls’ father together. I have mixed feelings. “That woman deserves everything, it’s speechless.”

Cinthia calls me and I also give her what I don’t have. I can’t wait for people to get to know the real Cinthia. He’s speechless, for the things she’s done, for the things she’s done. Cinthia is my family, the love phase has already passed. But the love we have is enormous,” she said of her former partner.

Cinthia Fernández and Martín Baclini participated together in El Dancing for a Dream.  Photo: Laflia/Jorge Luengo).Cinthia Fernández and Martín Baclini participated together in El Dancing for a Dream. Photo: Laflia/Jorge Luengo).

Regarding whether they got back together, Martín revealed one infidelity: “Cinthia, don’t get angry about what I’ll say.”. But she always shoots. He shoots me. But I’m immaculate. I tell her, ‘Cinthia, we are a family from another place.’ I don’t know if he’s dating anyone or not… is he single? “I wasn’t a bad kid.”

Regarding his marital status, he clarified: “HHey, I’m alone and the best thing I can do as a gentleman is leave the door open for her (Cinthia) to live her life. and tell him no. “We had already talked about it at the time and it’s the right thing to do because otherwise I’m selfish.”

Source: Clarin

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