A former Case Closed participant revealed the program’s best-kept secret and it went viral

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A few weeks ago, the name of Doctor Polo and her program Caso Cerrado were trending on Google due to the (late) viralization of a video in which a former participant of the program reveals the secrets of the show.

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Returning to an old debate on the reality of the cases told in the program or whether they are played by actors or the protagonists themselves, TikTok user @timewithmila states in two videos that it is “pure acting”.

In Caso Cerrado, a program broadcast by Telemundo for 18 consecutive years, Ana María Polo tries to resolve worldly conflicts based on the laws of the United States. The show consists of each party’s defenses and the Doctor’s subsequent verdict.

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On TikTok, where her videos have more than 10 million views, Mila says production hires people to perform improvised scripts on the same day. Actors are given about three hours to learn them.

Dr. Polo “doesn’t know what it’s about, she finds out what we say there and gives a verdict,” Mila reveals. “My case was super fun, they asked us something about each of us and with that they put the story together. The truth is that I laughed a lot and had fun.”

He also revealed what for many is the show’s best-kept secret: how much they get paid to participate. In your opinion, Participants receive between “200 and 400 dollars”. “They bring them, pay for the flight, the hotel, the food, everything. Plus, they get paid to be on the show.


The video went viral on TikTok last month. The second part had more than 10 million views.

Being from Miami, she says they paid her $700 since she was summoned twice because the first time there was a study problem. Then she paid him $350 in duplicate.

Furthermore, the participant stated that not only one case is filmed per day, but between 6 and 8.

Speaking of the program’s actors, Polo said in an interview for YouTube that, although most of the participants are interpreters of other people’s cases, there are programs in which the people involved are the real protagonists.

Mila participates in the Telemundo program.Mila participates in the Telemundo program.

“People think everyone is an actor, well no, there are people who aren’t afraid of the camera, who are natural, who have an idea about something and go do it, and do it very well,” the host said YouTube channel En Defensa Propia by Erika de La Vega.

Case closed and Doctor Polo, furious research

After the video, searches for Doctora Polo and Caso Cerrado skyrocketed in Google Trends.

Search for Case Closed and Ana María Polo in Trends.Search for Case Closed and Ana María Polo in Trends.

In the graph above you can see the peak search times for both keywords on Google.

Source: Clarin

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