Carlos Vives and Fito Páez, teamed up to honor Argentine rock

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Carlos Vives and Fito Páez, teamed up to honor Argentine rock

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Fito Páez along with Carlos Vives invented Babel as a tribute to Argentine rock. Photo Press

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Singer-songwriters Carlos Vives and Fito Páez joined in with their voices Babel, a song that premiered on Tuesday, May 3 along with the corresponding video clip in which the Colombian pays tribute to Argentine rock.

Babelavailable on all digital platforms, is a topic that talks about how difficult it is for people to understand each other, because in these times, everyone wants to be right and, eventually, the train keeps leaving them because everyone is going. Another way.

The theme was put together by Vives and Páez, while the production was performed by both artists, supported by producer Kogiman, led by Martín Velilla and Andrés Leal.

Carlos Vives.  The Colombian declared himself a fan of Argentine rock and called on Fito Páez to produce a tribute song, "Babel" .Photo Press

Carlos Vives. The Colombian declared himself a fan of Argentine rock and called on Fito Páez to produce a tribute song, “Babel” .Photo Press

“When you make a song with this kind of theme, there’s something of that Argentine rock, by Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Páez himself, that allowed me to think that with tropical music I could invent my own rock. , ”Vives said, quoted in a statement.

The multiple Grammy award winner added that Babel not only does it pay homage to Argentine rock but “it is also an ode to the understanding between nations and cultures, in a world that can be made possible thanks to music.”

The recording

The music video was directed by Sergio Rodríguez and Carlos Andrés Valencia and recorded in Bogotá and Santa Marta, the capital of the Magdalena department and a coastal city in the Caribbean, where Vives was born 60 years ago.

In the piece you will see and hear classic rock instruments such as electric guitar and bass, as well as bagpipes and millo flutes, among other sounds that Vives offers to enter the world of Cumbiana II.

In recent weeks, Vives has held concerts in various Latin American cities such as Aguascalientes (Mexico), Panama, El Salvador and Costa Rica, where thousands of people sang many of the most popular songs. of the Colombian singer-songwriter.

New to Babeland as an introduction to the release of the album Cumbiana IIVives released his theme Only, where it shows human diversity and contradiction. On the other hand, Vives came from doing another musical work with his compatriot Camilo to launch the song. old balla single that will be part of the new album.

Your collaborator at Babel, Fito Páez, born in Rosario in 1963, is one of the most successful Latin American musicians of all time, with dozens of songs that are now classics. your disk Love after Love (Released in 1992), for example, is the best seller in Argentine rock history.

Meanwhile, Vives brought vallenato, one of the most traditional music genres in the Colombian Caribbean region where he was born and raised, to the most diverse stage in the world, which took audiences far from Latin dance to to the sound of notes. of the accordion characteristic.

as part of the album Cumbiana IIwill also be launched this month Onlya single that mixes “ancient sounds with technology and current rhythms. In this song, as well as the video clip of the song, recorded in Santa Marta, Vives experiments with the typical sounds of the Colombian Sierra Nevada identified he as “happy rhythms that invite dance.”

Solo, composed by Colombian and produced by Andrés Leal and Martín Velilla, is a song of grief and sadness because of the story it tells, but “happy” because of the rhythm and sounds that accompany it, as Vives himself described.


Source: Clarin

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