Filming began with “Nothing”, the dramatic comedy of Star + in which Robert De Niro participated

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Filming began on

The film set of the “Nothing” series, with actor Robert De Niro as a special star. Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros FTP CLARIN

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Star+ has announced the start of production of “Nada”, the new original dramatic comedy from the Star Original Productions label that will come exclusively to the streaming service in 2023. Produced by Metrovisión, the series created and directed by the film’s directors and producers and television and Argentine producers Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat (“The Illustrious Citizen”, “Official Competition”) and written by Emanuel Diez, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, is starring Luis Brandoni (“Waiting for the float”, “My masterpiece”).

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In another well -known guest figure, Robert De Niro will have a special participationl in the first 4 episodes and as a guest star in episode 5. The cast of “Nada” was completed with actors and actresses Majo Cabrera, María Rosa Fugazot, Silvia Kutika, Enrique Piñeyro, Belén Chavanne, Daniel Aráoz, Cecilia Dopazo, Gastón Cocchiarale, Daniel Miglioranza, Ariadna Asturzzi and Rodrigo Noya.

In the acting debut of essayist and poet SAntiago Kovadloff (Álvaro Bianco) and the chef Francis Mallmanwho in turn serves as culinary advisor for the series along with chef Narda Lepes and gastronomic journalist Federico Oldenburg, “Nada” has architect, art curator and screenwriter Andrés Duprat as advisor and curator of works of art appearing in series.

In “Nada”, Manuel (Brandoni) is a sophisticated culinary critic from Buenos Aires, provocateur and art lover, who, despite being a symbol of Buenos Aires culture, has run out of money thanks to a living waste. and in desire. to keep his style comfortable.

Unexpectedly he can no longer count on the woman (Fugazot) who worked in his house for four decades who completely solved everything for him, as a kind of personal assistant, maid and cook, he realizes not he knew how to do anything. on her own and decided to take Antonia (Cabrera), a girl born and raised in a small town in Paraguay, that she needs to be taught about countless aspects of her life, from her relationships and personal tastes up to gastronomic and cultural issues.

Antonia finds Manuel immersed in a little chaos that she thinks is beneath her, and the clash of cultures and generations of each will lead to unusual, intense, conflicting and tender situations that will leave of great learning for two. Vincent (De Niro), a prestigious writer known around the world, Manuel’s friend for a long time, will play a very important role in this new stage where Manuel’s life will have an unexpected change.

Consisting of five stages and shot in emblematic locations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, “Nada” stands out for its irony and humorous humor where it addresses a variety of paradigmatic sociocultural behaviors that are humorous. and motivate the viewer. The story also immerses viewers in fascinating world of gastronomywith numerous references to well -known figures and restaurants from the Buenos Aires gourmet scene.

The new production is part of Star +’s range of productions fully developed in the region and in line with The Walt Disney Company Latin America’s commitment to produce locally relevant content for its streaming services, in alliance with production houses in the region. and adding local talent.

Source: Clarin

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