Will Robert De Niro get the SUBE card?

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Will Robert De Niro get the SUBE card?

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SUBE card, the hard figure. “Nothing because of the lack of supplies for doing so.”

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Society manifests itself in all its polarity without even the slightest inspiration of rebellion. Not ordinary: the subway does not give you the means the subway needs travel (by subway). Even not having money is possible. And employees, in general, come up with an impractical solution: “Ask UMAAKYAT someone, and pay the fare. “

We stopped at the turnstile to beg in embarrassment. No luck, no luck an employee takes pity and lets us go through a side door from Carranza station, Line D. Before courtesy, he recommends: “Go to a kiosk, but not to any kiosk, one on the chain The Jevi. They definitely sell UMAAKYAT”.

Almost two weeks have passed and only a minute before buying SUBE on black market. They are asking for 250 pesos. On social networks, options are offered in the chip crisis … “I am selling SUBE with almost unused balance (-$ 15) which is usually worn and worn out. $ 3000. I listen to offers.


“I’m selling SUBE with almost unused balance (-$ 15) wear and tear of common use. $ 3000. I’m listening to offers.”

Travel free by force

To say that we are free to travel in the subway could be a contraband or an act of gentle uprising. Perhaps more than one believes that the chronicity of this newspaper has its privileges. Well no, we just elastic creature that we have a positive attitude and move forward towards the future by adapting to adversity. Nothing UMAAKYAT? Our flight is free.

Tired of impossible missions –weeks of trying to find those damn cards-, we were “traveling in favor” for more or less 15 days. They don’t deliver“, they said to a ticket office H line We passed a Sube center on Avenida Callao at 400. It was gone.

“Graph the most municipal person in the world at a subway ticket office. Hoarse. About fifty years. He tells me and I quote verbatim: I tell you that in New York it is like that and the same thing is happening. do you know that metro card? Have you traveled to New York?

Words of John Paul Sanzi, chef by profession. “I tell him: teacher, in New York if the cards run out they will replace them. You are telling me that they have been out of stock for several months … ”

Station July 9, April 30.

-Do you sell SUBE Card?

“No,” said the blonde ticket clerk.

-Where can I get?

– Have you tried kiosks?

-Yes, I tried. Whatever.


And to tourists, what will happen?the

There was a Swiss anchored for a few hours in Plaza Italia trying to travel. Supposedly, the man is somewhat exaggerating. He says “time”. The odyssey of card retrieval UMAAKYAT He must be mistreated. Speaking of tourists: Will Robert De Niro be lucky?

Without SUBE, there is a type of free service (free similar to Premetro).

Without SUBE, there is a type of free service (free similar to Premetro).

The Swiss, heated, holding a handkerchief, chooses to narrate the experience of moving from one shadow to another like a lizard. Someone listens and, in solidarity, pays for the trip. However, the Swiss gentleman seemed overwhelmed, defeated: it seemed he was afraid to go to Cabildo and ended up camping in the Plaza de Mayo that night.

A clone of Dee Dee Ramonefrom a kiosk on Santa Fe Avenue, said the Ministry of Transportation manages the distribution of fackin cards UMAAKYAT. With confidence, whiten your personal situation. “No, I haven’t had it for a long time, and when I last got SUBE, it cost me 88 pesos. And of course he sold more expensive”.

Para ?! “I had a problem to go to Eleven and buy a protector to sell them, at that time, to 150 mangoes. There is an official price that is now 90 pesos, but I cover myself and I sell them with that protector. Among newsstands, we do that because we are here to earn money, not to lose it … ”

Dee Dee seemed angry and talkative: “My quilombo at SUBE is not as a trader, but as an Argentine. That tourists come to get to know our country, to waste their time and money, and that they meet like a third world… It is because of these little things that we have become who we are ”.

A María Eva commented on something that happened to her last time. “I lost the SUB and when I realized I was about to enter the Five’s stage One line. I wanted to buy a new one and they didn’t, I wanted to buy a ticket and they told me they were no longer selling. I finally got through when they did me a favor. If you do not have card stock, guaranteeing another way to use the service”.

the journalist Maria Elena Polak complaint via Twitter: “Another Argentine odyssey: getting a SUBE card. The official SUBE page informs the points of sale that SUBE does NOT exist or does NOT sell. Why does everything have to be difficult?

We try to live without SUBE and move here and there pretending to be dementia. Furthermore, lately, the system has often crashed and there is almost no need to argue about the card. “Come in”they say In bulk.

The waiting methods are rewarded with a kind of reward -gratuity similar to Premetro- and soonor we get a secret desire that none of this will change.

“There is no SUBE card due to lack of supplies for doing so,” they report to Constitución.

Things like this happen. Nasa oath station of Line D no need to ask for permission. A boy talks about “free windlass”. At Constitución we saw the pig, but we went through a side door without asking what we were doing. Another day in the same place: “There is no SUBE card due to lack of supplies for doing so.”

Actually we want them to stop us, to have controversy, for a discussion forum to be set up in the middle of the central hall. We want to kick Hit a munch shout. That’s why we do the casting movements very slowly. Even so, we didn’t get the attention. Employees seem to know.

posters lying

At the Courts ticket office there is a poster attached: UP $ 90.

An UP please.

-Nothing. Go to Bulnes station or to one of the wells.

In a strange division of affairs, a Bulnes employee admitted that he did not have SUBE, but his partner did (?). We ask about his partner: “He’s coming in the afternoon.” At the Congress station there was none UMAAKYAT. Will he pass? “No, pay 30 pesos to a passenger.”

Monday May 2. Constitution.

-Sube card?


-When do they come?

-I do not know.

-She will pass?

-All right, tara.

And we will continue to travel for free until further notice.


Source: Clarin

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