25 years after Spinetta’s double album that became an arm wrestling match in the record industry

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This Sunday, April 3, marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the historic double album Spinetta at The Desert Partners from the group of the same name, who formed el Flaco with bassist Marcelo Torres and drummer Daniel Wirtz. It came out in 1997 and it was Spinetta’s return to the trio format, as happened at the beginning of Pescado Rabioso and Invisible.

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Luis Alberto Spinetta joined the band three years ago, when he was looking for a change in music after several albums with Spinetta Jade and as a soloist. He first teamed up with Wirtz and Torres on “zapar”, but later he made them a formal offer to join a band, although there were no more promises than “crossing a desert” (hence the trio name). They rehearsed for eight months and debuted in November 1994 at the Velodrome.

Spinetta lives in Los Socios del Desierto.

Spinetta lives in Los Socios del Desierto.

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The album was recorded the following year, almost live and independently, with technician Mario Breuer, in the home studio Spinetta built, called La Diosa Salvaje. The only guest was keyboardist Claudio Cardone on four songs.

A long wait

Then many hours passed until the release of the double album, as Flaco demanded a lot for the record label to sign him. Seeing anger and hurt at the situation, Spinetta issued a statement titled disc and timewhere he violently criticized record labels for their lack of consideration for his career and the artistic value of his work, as well as some graphic media that interfered in the fight by spreading fake numbers. money, which he referred to as “pseudopods of the power of some record companies”.

In that statement, Spinetta said, among other things: My creative life and the rebellious and artistic fire that has always guided me will not suffer any loss if this, my latest work, cannot be publish. Sooner or later some label will claim my work and accept my demands. That makes me stronger. Perhaps my records were gradually sold out, and there was no boom in sales, but they continued to sell from then until they became catalog or collection material.

Live Spinette.

Live Spinette.

He added: “Now, reducing everything except the immediate sale of an artist’s power, these labels are offering proposals to publish Spinetta, even if they spend enormous amounts to produce music for sa morons that will not only sell right away but never. Spinetta always sells, always sells like this “.

And he asked in his letter: “Where are the Gold Records that were never delivered to me? Gentlemen: I will not form a company because it contradicts my philosophy of life; Nor will I consider the intentions hidden in your general proposal., that it is the same that they have in all real artists “.

“With this -he concluded- I want to make it clear, to my fans and the public in general, that I have nothing else to want but this album full of new songs to reach your hands as I think about it and in the right price. (Clarification: labels consider that a double album is too expensive to sell at large, but the truth is that selling it at a very reasonable price, it will still earn a lot of money for everyone.) For this I will look for alternative options and continue with new works without stopping, otherwise I will not know forget that I am the artist of autovedas. Ha “.

Denouement and publication

Luis Alberto Spinetta at the press conference with Los Socios del Desierto at Hard Rock Café.  Photo: YouTube.

Luis Alberto Spinetta at the press conference with Los Socios del Desierto at Hard Rock Café. Photo: YouTube.

Finally, Spinetta made a contract with Sony Music for the amount of “millionaire”. as said unofficially at the time, as he denied in his statement.

Once edited, the reviews are totally in favor and the theme checks it became a hit with a video that had multiple rotations on radio and music channels. But the album contains more gems, from sweet and melancholy songs (Diana), slow and dreamy themes (month of April), more angry stones (bosnian, evil people), funk touch (account of the day) and beauties like garden of the people.

The mix was made by Mariano López and the edition has a special graphic design, with a black and white portrait of the face of a serious Spinetta, with black glass reflecting a desert scene. Inside, the booklet includes lyrics and various illustrations.

As a rarity, many years later a vinyl edition was released, which due to extension became a luxurious box with four plates.


Source: Clarin

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