New complaint against Sebastián Villa: what are the possible penalties provided by Boca’s anti-violence protocol

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New complaint against Sebastián Villa: what are the possible penalties provided by Boca’s anti-violence protocol

Sebastián Villa in a photo on his Instagram. Boca will examine the evidence and make a decision about his future.

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After a new complaint was made against footballer Sebastián Villa for rape and attempted suicide, now – in addition to the legal issue – all eyes are on what the Boca Juniors will do. Approved by the club in September last year a Prevention Protocol and Institutional Action For this type of case, what can happen to the athlete?

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The 25-year-old striker, with another case brought to trial for injuries caused by your ex -partner in 2020was accused by a young woman with whom she began another relationship that same year for a period of gender-based violence, sexual abuse and attempted murder that occurred on June 26, 2021 in a gated community in town of Ezeiza.

The denounced fact fits as a punitive penalty within the regulation established by Boca at the urging of the head of the Department of Inclusion and Equality, adriana bravonow also the third vice president of the entity.

This rule “gives all acts of gender -based violence that occurs within the club’s facilities or that affects it, as well as everyone, without having to specify the type of modality that connects them to the institution.

The protocol regulates “the behaviors, actions, deletions and conduct conducted by authorities, leaders, associates, assistants, guests, participants, athletes, auxiliaries, employees, third parties providing permanent or temporary services , free or heavy, who cooperates with the institution, who is in the institution or in any of the areas of application and/or any other person who recognizes that he or she is affected within the scope of the institution or that affects it ”.

Situations of violence recognized by this regulation extend to physical, psychological, sexual, economy and heritage and symbolic.

Among the types of violence identified, Villa’s action can be outlined in section a of article 6, “Domestic violence against women”, which she describes as “committed against women by a member of a family group, regardless of the physical space in which it occurs., which destroys the dignity, well-being, physical, psychological, sexual, economic or patrimonial integrity, liberty, including reproductive freedom and the right to full development of women ”.

“The family group is understood to come from kinship, whether by consanguinity or by affinity, marriage, de facto union and marriage or courtship. This includes current or ended relationships, coexistence is not necessary“, He added.

Activation of the protocol requires the filing of a complaint by the victim or someone close to him or her before the club’s Inclusion and Equality Departmentas given in Boca.

When done, the Department of Inclusion and Equality will refer the complainant to an interdisciplinary team created specifically for the case. for the purpose of active and face -to -face listening.

That stage is complete, Boca You can start a summary against the person being criticized or file a lawsuit. If there is a summary, the resolution will govern the club’s Disciplinary Court, which should have the Department of Inclusion and Equality on its part and from reprimand, suspension, dismissal to expulsion.

In his previous case of sexual violence, the club has not taken action on the player since the protocol has not yet been approved.

Source: Telam

Source: Clarin

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