Coming soon is Marc Martel, the musician who created the voice of Freddie Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody

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Coming soon is Marc Martel, the musician who created the voice of Freddie Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody

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Marc Martel, the singer who will perform a tribute to Freddie Mercury this Sunday at Luna Park.

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The anger for Queen and the songs that immortalize Freddie Mercury’s voice doesn’t diminish. On the contrary, it is growing with each new generation of fans, forming an almost bizarre phenomenon around the world, which is hardly shared by the few artists who enjoy the same privilege.

Despite the impossibility of reuniting the band, there are several options that satisfy fans ’desire to sing these songs in a recital.

Live Marc Martell.

Live Marc Martell.

On the one hand, the possible projects of two members who are still alive and active, Brian May and Roger Taylor, who toured with singers like Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert. On the other hand, in many countries there are bands recognizing the Queen, such as the local God Save the Queen and Queen Mother.

At the international level, one of the most beautiful voices singing Queen’s songs is that of Canadian Marc Martel, who ten years ago appeared in a contest organized by Roger Taylor himself to sing at The Queen Extravaganza. Your version of Someone to love More than a million people saw it in a few days (now it adds up to 22 million), it won the competition and went on tour.

He was then summoned to make Freddie’s voice in the film Bohemian Rhapsodystarring Rami Malek, and occasionally touring with her show The Ultimate Queen Celebration, which is coming this Sunday at Luna Park. The opening of the band was Santa Rabia.

Marc Martel spoke

Just a few days ago, via Zoom, Marc Martel anticipated some details of the show and talked about his career, which includes an album with his own songs and a Queen cover album called Thunder and lightning.

“The last big tour we did – he said – was in Europe and it was canceled a few days before it started, due to pandemics and protocols. First tour of the year. We haven’t been to the south of Mexico yet, so excited to be really we.I really want to sing! love of my life in South America, because I saw how they reacted when it was Queen!

-Have you ever considered traveling around the world with these songs?

-When I started making music 20 years ago I had a band and we did our songs, which was already fulfilling a dream. As a songwriter, I never thought I’d travel the world with someone else’s songs, but here I am and people keep telling me I sing like Freddie Mercury. And when Roger Taylor put together his own Queen tribute band in 2011, it started the journey I’ve been on ever since.

-When did you decide to continue singing these songs, now that Roger is gone?

Marc Martell

Marc Martell

-It is gradual. In the beginning we did one or two tours a year, but at the same time my band often stopped playing, so I suddenly found myself with no purpose. I made a solo album that I’m proud of, but people keep asking me for shows with Queen songs.

-What are you doing?

-At first I wanted to be loyal to Roger and Brian, so I did nothing. but I eventually agreed to people’s request because it seemed unusual to me to refuse job offers.

-How do you make a Queen song playlist for a concert? That’s too many hits!

What we do is a greatest hit repertoire, and that list is usually at 20-22 songs, which lasts an hour and a half, almost two. Or it closes completely. Over the past few years, we’ve made a very good list, although from time to time we change a few things to keep it interesting for us and our die-hard fans, such as Stone Cold Crazy, Seven Seas of Rhye Y Bicycle race.

The movie Bohemian Rhapsody

-We all thought the voice belonged to actor Rami Malek, and now it’s yours!

-That’s the magic of Hollywood. This is what the people of the director and members of the Queen want to believe. Obviously Rami Malek did an amazing job and won an Oscar, but the Queen’s manager, Jim Beach, contacted me almost ten years ago, and in 2016 he called me to say that whole project is on track and they need my participation. .

-What was heard in the movie then?

-For the most part it was Freddie’s voice, but I did a few things here and there. I was so happy to do it and recorded on Abbey Road at least.


Source: Clarin

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