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Ross Lynch, the former Disney Channel star, returns with his new group The Driver Era


Ross Lynch, the former Disney Channel star, returns with his new group The Driver Era

Driver Era, the band of Ross Lynch and his brother Rocky. This week they arrived in Buenos Aires.

Ten years ago, Ross Lynch was one of the stars of the show austin and ally, from the Disney Channel. He is 15 years old and has been one of the stars of the channel, with appearances in series such as jessie and movies such as Teen Beach Movie And until Violetta.

At the same time, he had a rock band called R5, which reaped his popularity on television and caused a stir when came to Argentina three times.

Now he will return to the country, after a failed visit in 2020 that was suspended due to a pandemic, but this is with his new project called The Driver Era, a trio in which his brother Rocky also plays. Now they will be coming to Buenos Aires for the first time, as part of their “The Girlfriend Tour”, the Wednesday May 18 and Thursday May 19 at the Vorterix Theater.

Driver Era, the band of Ross and Rocky Lynch.

Driver Era, the band of Ross and Rocky Lynch.

Success on social networks and digital platforms

The universe of The Driver Era fans has grown since it began, covering both R5 fans and new listeners. His public has kept pace with the group’s growth and now they can be seen over 115 million views and over 20 million followers on social networks.

As siblings Ross and Rocky explained in a Zoom chat, The Driver Era’s debut will be in 2018 themed Preacher Man, and the following year they released more songs despite the separation because Ross was in Vancouver filming seasons 3 and 4 of the Netflix series Sabrina’s Thrilling Adventure.

the new album girlfriendwritten and produced by Ross and Rocky in their home garage studio, summarizes the last years of their lives and showcases a variety of influences, including INXS, Bruce Springsteen and Prince.

-How was the “Girlfriend” tour today?

Ross: Now we have a few days off in Los Angeles and we will be touring this week, starting in Mexico and Argentina.

Rocky: We’re feeling we’re going on vacation and super excited about the trip.

The Driver's Time.

The Driver’s Time.

-What do you remember about the R5 show in Buenos Aires?

Ross: Exciting, especially when we also went to Brazil and ascended to Christ the Redeemer by helicopter.

Rocky: We love Argentina. the fans are incredible and as I say this I realize I really want to be there. Luckily there is little left!

-How does it feel to reach countries where other languages ​​are spoken and fans sing the lyrics of all the songs?

Rocky: It’s wonderful, no doubt. And in this case, it would be great because we didn’t make these songs in Argentina.

Live the Driver Era.

Live the Driver Era.

Ross: The Argentine public must be one of the best public we’ve ever met.

-What can you expect from the repertoire on this tour?

Ross: I think it will be similar to the US leg of the tour, with only a few changes. Just yesterday the drummer told us that we might need to put on a long show because we weren’t in this band.

Rocky: We can do both albums in a row! It will be great and one day we should do it (laughs)

-Don’t you add cover or jam?

Ross: Intimately, despite all the shows we’ve done, we’re still not playing covers. But we’ll definitely do it soon, to provide something new on the set list on a long tour, so that it’s not always the same.

Rocky. I think in shows we have a margin of five themes that should be released or changed, because the rest are semi-immovable.

The Driver Era came for the first time in Buenos Aires.

The Driver Era came for the first time in Buenos Aires.

the name change

-How did you get from R5 to The Driver Era?

Ross: I think there came a point in our artistic career where we started doing things independently and we had to change our name. Drummer Ellington Ratliff and Rocky were very important at the time.

Rocky: It’s fun to remember those people, because everyone is so fast. And the R5 relies on a great production company with a lot of people around it, and we made the change from a very well-known circle and brought us here.

Ross: It happened that way, naturally, as if everyone was pointing in this direction. And the biggest motivation was that we were making music together.

-Rocky: It’s writing a new chapter. Everything that happened on R5 was fun and many fans kept coming to the shows.


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