Racing fans boo Sebastián Villa every time he touches the ball

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Racing fans boo Sebastián Villa every time he touches the ball

Academy fans are not happy with the Colombian. Photo: Juano Tesone

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In the rivalry between Boca Juniors and Racing Club for the semifinals of the Professional Football League Cup, Colombian Sebastián Villa experienced a particular situation every time he touched the ball: Avellaneda club fans fired him afterwards. a new complaint revealed gender -based violence against her.

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No goals on the scoreboard is the most recognizable thing experienced at the Néstor Díaz Pérez stadium.

The striker was denounced on Friday for sexual abuse and attempted homicide for an event that took place on June 26 last year at a house located in a private neighborhood in the town of Ezeiza.

Prosecutor Vanesa González, from Esteban Echeverría’s Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 3, banned the player from leaving the country and for this Monday summoned the victim to confirm the accusation, judicial sources reported on Saturday.

It also imposed a ban on approaching the victim and her family group. The decision was made in the last few hours by the representative of the Public Ministry and endorsed by the Judge of Guarantees involved in the file.

The young woman must confirm the accusation this Monday from 9, at the UFI headquarters located in Güemes at 400, in the town of Monte Grande, after a brief presentation on Friday in which she recounted the incident that took place on June 26 of 2021.

As a result of the attack, she had to be helped at Penna Hospital in Buenos Aires, but the girl explained that she had not filed a complaint despite the doctors ’recommendation to treat her because at that time she was suffering from a state of shock, he experienced “fear” and I was “paralyzed”.

“We are reviewing sending the presentation to ourselves and notifying Boca Juniors of the complaint so that it can activate the protocol,” said attorney Roberto Castillo, who represents the maid.

From the club they informed that “the Integration and Equality department of the institution is already available since the episode involving player Sebastián Villa” and reaffirmed its “total commitment to gender and equality situations”, although it does not examine the possibility so far of removing him from campus. In fact, it’s from the game against Racing.

The girl’s lawyer added that on Monday they will provide “more evidence” to the prosecution regarding the “injuries” the complainant suffered on “her face.”

“We’ll bring photographic plates and flash drives with damages from the first slap and, in turn, we’ll try to download videos and audio,” Castillo added.

The lawyer said the victim – whose identity has been preserved – was “completely corrupt”, that he was “terrified” after refusing to be “a public figure” and that the prosecution involved in the case needed to examine whether it was is required to detain the Boca player “because of his background and to ensure he can be prosecuted”.

“She was a very crazy man, a girl who had a hard time getting information from her that helped us to complain, and she was also trembling with fear that she had to denounce a public figure,” the lawyer said, who requested “a security measure (for his assistance) to protect his physical integrity”.

As a result, the prosecution requested a ban on Villa’s approach to him and his family group, who are also unable to leave the country, a measure that has already been implemented against him in the case that is open from 2020 for another episode. . of gender -based violence. .

Source: Telam

Source: Clarin

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