Controversy over Luciana Salazar’s daughter Matilda’s fan account: a rare situation worried about the model

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Controversy over Luciana Salazar's daughter Matilda's fan account: a rare situation worried about the model

The controversial account, “@lovingmatildafans”.

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Matilda, daughter of Luciana Sarasal, is a girl Influencer It is his official account managed by his mother, He has over 300,000 followers. But in the last few hours, the model talked about the controversial situation she experienced through the explanations of the girl’s fans.

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“very I was surprised that there are still people who are so honest It’s really good. It shouldn’t be that way, but there’s so little left over that I appreciate it very much when I find them for some reason. I’m going to sayLuciana wrote in her Instagram account.

Then she began to talk about the situation she had experienced.It turns out that Matilda’s fan account was sold to a man for her personal use, and she saw it. The content has changedI decided to write a letter to him. To see what happened.

The story of Luciana Sarasal in their network.

The story of Luciana Sarasal in their network.

“Yesterday, a person (whose name is kept secret) confessed to me in good faith. He had over 100,000 IG accounts sold I didn’t know that it was a fan club that made a lot of images and videos for my daughter. I told him about the situation and he confessed to me. ”

And added: “I started chattingAt that time, I realized that he was a good person. We started a good conversation, even friendly. We both feel fooled. Obviously, he was charged in dollars at a very high price. “

At the same time, the media shared a screenshot of the chat he had with the person in question. In it, she asks what happened to her daughter’s account. “what happened? Did you stop becoming my daughter’s fan club and stick to her fans? ” Ruri consults with him and immediately afterwards a voice exchange is seen.

“He’s from Lincoln. I’ve been a frequent visitor at some point in my life, so I’m a very affectionate city,” he continued to state. This person restored the photo of my daughter Suggest to keep an account.

Dialogue with a man whose model bought his daughter's fan Instagram.

Dialogue with a man whose model bought his daughter’s fan Instagram.

“”An honest act that I cherish very much. I say it because I think it’s good to share this gesture, which is rarely seen these days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

The story finally has a happy ending Salazar was able to regain the girl’s account It’s already active as before.Instagram in question @lovingmatildafans, has 105,000 followers881 people followed and posted 509 posts.

Disney's Luciana and Matilda.

Disney’s Luciana and Matilda.

In January of this year, Matilda was involved in a media scandal as a network user. They accused Luciana of dyeing the girl’s hair.

Blonde as a result of the accusation Decided to sue Google and Twitter “All recent complaints I received with my daughter will be removed from those platforms.”

“Make the network a place of fun and expression. Let’s not allow the network to remain a factory of hatred and cyberbullying. Much less for minors“He added at that time.


Source: Clarin

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