Diego Brancatelli and Pampita’s husband sparked in Podemos Hablar: “Do you put your hands in the fire for Cristina?”

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PH, we can talk, the program hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff for six seasons every Saturday night on Telefe, did not have the best year in terms of ratings, even losing to El Trece films. Even so, everything is enough for him to always be the most watched on this day, thanks to his winning combo of famous guests who are willing to talk about everything.

This Saturday night, the cycle once again led the audience (average 8.7 points) with an eclectic quintet of figures: Vicky Xipolitakis, Roberto García Moritán, Gastón “la Gata” Fernandez, La Joaqui and Diego Brancatelli.

At the “Meeting Point”, everyone told anecdotes about their respective careers and/or were encouraged to confess stages of their past. And after about an hour of programming came “Front to Front”, The section that brings two of the guests face to face for each to ask another a violent question.

Roberto García Moritán experienced more than a counterpoint with Diego Brancatelli in PH.

Roberto García Moritán experienced more than a counterpoint with Diego Brancatelli in PH.

Clearly Kusnetzoff will not miss that opportunity face Brancatelli and García Moritán, two representatives of the so -called “crack”.

The tense crossing: first round

“Moritan-Brancatelli. I like them, they respect each other, they get along and they ask themselves, who wants to start? ” Andy’s lift. The Buenos Aires businessman and legislator decided to throw the first stone and go straight to the bone: “Will you put your hands on the fire that doesn’t corrupt Cristina?”, Shooting.

“I don’t put my hands on fire for anyone. Just for myself”, calm answer of the journalist. “I still believe that Cristina is not corrupt and there was severe persecution against her,” added the former panelist from Intratables (America).

And he immediately took his opportunity to investigate the Together for Change representative’s relationship with Carolina. pampita Ardohain. “I don’t doubt your love for Carolina, I think it’s real,” Brancatelli begins.

Diego Brancatelli, a few days ago, at the Martín Fierro gala, with Alejandro Fantino.

Diego Brancatelli, a few days ago, at the Martín Fierro gala, with Alejandro Fantino.

“I want to ask you if you took advantage of being Pampita’s wife for some kind of use and if you think now you will be a legislator of Buenos Aires if you are not Pampita’s wife ”, he shot, without words.

Moritán showed no discomfort. “It’s a fair question. I’ve been working for many years, since 2017 in the neighborhoods. I have a lot of commitment and dedication, but It’s true that Caro took me out into a world that cost me more there.r, ”he admitted. And he added: “What I promised was to handle it with more responsibility.”

Second round

Taking advantage of the fact no one was angry and they were both sincere, Kusnetzoff proposed a new round of questions. Moritán took off the glove and sought to challenge Brancatelli from the speech he gave to the last Martín Fierro after winning an award with the Intratables.

“With Martín Fierro you devoted your success to a sector of journalism that, as you indicated, did not express its true intention, what do you mean?” Moritán asked.

Brancatelli didn’t shy away from the bundle and fired: “That there’s a lot of masked journalism that doesn’t tell people things face to face. For me, most journalists who check the facts do so without saying what their political orientation is and that makes me very angry.”, He thinks.

The deputy wanted to know if the criticism was directed at anyone in particular. And the journalist did not hesitate to reply: “Many. Among those at the party, Cristina Pérez, for example, was dating a leader of Together for Change (Luis Petri), and she did not even name it,” the judgment niya.

Kusnetzoff decided to intervene to clarify that neither Pérez nor he or any public person was obligated to talk about his personal life, to which Brancatelli replied that “he doesn’t hide anyone and he feels the host does. of Telefe Noticias. “

To end “Front to Front”, Brancatelli asked Moritán if he was a denier of the last military dictatorship. The legislator assured no, but he clarified that “he doesn’t like how he profits from some cause that has caused so much pain for Argentines.”


Source: Clarin

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