A boy who worked at Jaws is the new police chief of the island where the Steven Spielberg film is being filmed

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A boy who worked at Jaws is the new police chief of the island where the Steven Spielberg film is being filmed

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The “bad guy” in Spielberg’s film. Released in 1975, “Jaws” marked before and after at the box office.

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Again the old duel: reality vs. imagination. Or almost … Just think SharksSteven Spielberg’s classic, and it’s automatic: the “chan chan! chan chan!” begins to resonate within us. And for these times, a character in the film connects with real life. This is Jonathan Searle, the new police chief but not from Amity Island (fiction) but from Martha’s Vineyard (reality).

Rewind: The quintessential 1975 box office hit, directed by Steven Spielberg, stars roy scheider as Martin Brody, a police chief who seeks to overthrow a massive human -eating shark with the help of a marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a professional shark hunter (Robert Shaw).

Set on a fictional island in Amity, the film It was shot at the flirty and exclusive Martha’s Vineyard.

Through expert mastery, Spielberg manages the suspense of the film by stalking a killer shark who, in most films, we hear more than we see: “Chan Chan!” “CHAN-CHAN!”, “courtesy “of composer John Williamsroutinely create soundtracks of Spielberg films.

The poster announcing the premiere of "Jaws."

The poster announcing the premiere of “Jaws.”

One scene that many will remember is the part where a young couple decides to make a prank at sea: wearing fake shark fins, they tried to scare a group of tourists bathing, until the comedy was discovered. And eventually they are scolded by police chief Brody.

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One of those kids was child star Jonathan Searle. And here are the strange symmetries, since Searle – who left acting for the “call of law and order” – He was appointed police chief of Oak Bluffs, a town in Martha’s Vineyard where it was shot. Sharks.

Searle has been a member of the Edgartown Police Department since 1986 and was elected to the position of chief of police on May 16, according to the local newspaper, Vineyard Newspaper.

Parallels in fiction take another turn, given that Searle had to reprimand a man for misconduct for lying about seeing sharks in place in 2008. Again fiction and reality …

Roy Scheider is the Amity Police Chief;  Robert Shaw, the shark hunter.

Roy Scheider is the Amity Police Chief; Robert Shaw, the shark hunter.

In 2019, for the film’s 44th anniversary, the Police Department shared a special tribute on social media: “At some point we will be able to show the fact that Sergeant Searle is in the Jaws. Congratulations!”

Searle’s father, George Searle, was chief of police in Edgartown from 1981 to 1995. Searle told Newspaper that his appointment to the same position was an honor and said: – “It’s something I’ve worked hard on throughout my career.”

It cost 9 million, up nearly 500

Made for less than $ 9 million, Sharks made more than $ 470 million in global revenueincluding the $ 260 million domestic gross that earned it No. 1 at the box office in 1975, as reported by IndieWire’s Kate Erbland for the film’s 2017 anniversary.

Sharks adopted the term blockbuster, becoming the first feature film to exceed $ 235 million in domestic revenue thanks to its revolutionary marketing campaign aimed at teenagers in the summer. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won three for technical achievement.

“The film also opens the door to some of the less exciting (and less enjoyable) elements of blockbuster cinema today, including the passion for franchisingcomplete with great successes and great failures, ”Erbland wrote.

Sharks spawned three sequels during that time was almost unthinkable, let alone the status quo, [pero] it still swallows all the knock-offs that inspired it. “


Source: Clarin

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