Carmen Barbieri came out in support of Susana Jimenez and pointed to Jorge Rial.

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Last few days Joherial Y Susana Jimenez They are the protagonists of a powerful media crossover, criticizing the Martín Fierro Award “Telephone Diva” received by a former intruder host (America TV, Monday-Friday 1:30 pm) in mid-May. It started when. now, Carmen Barbieri was involved in the controversy and made her position very clear.

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Tuesday Very morning (Ciudad Magazine, 10am Monday-Friday), Barbieri’s series, Sebastian “Pampite” Perero AsialProgram panelists, Real reported making a strong statement about his radio show, Capokomika intervened to comment on the fight between the drivers.

“Real is still the same invader, What he gave people to artists. “I started by saying ex-bedet to protect Susana.Then he dedicated a few words to the driver Argentina (Radio 10, Monday to Friday 10am), and gave him some advice: “Don’t hit a real artist”He expressed.

Joherial vs. Susan Guimenez. TV capture

Joherial vs. Susan Guimenez. TV capture

And he continued. The town loves artists, cares for them, loves them, accompanies their lives … and Susana is a very beloved woman“.

“Please … Besides, Susana was very interesting, she wasn’t aggressive.”He added by referring to the gesture of Fuck you The diva responded to her comment and dedicated it realistically.

Battle of Jorge Rial and Susana Jimenez

It all started a few days ago when Jorge Real spoke to me. they (American television, Monday to Friday 20:00).In a dialogue with the chronicler of the cycle led by Angel de Burrito, the driver Brilliant Martin Fiero with Susana Jimenez, I am honored to have 35 years of experience.

A clear gesture dedicated to Susana Jimenez and Jorge Real.  TV capture.

A clear gesture dedicated to Susana Jimenez and Jorge Real. TV capture.

“For me, the great diva is Mirta. It’s more than Susana. Because Mirsa is an example. Susana, no.”, Rial highlighted. And he continued: “I don’t like Susana: I don’t like what she says, I don’t like the way she says it, it seems to me to look down. “

“She’s talking about all of us, so she shits people who see her. I don’t like it! Mirsa continues to work at the age of 95, she pandemics it. She respected it, she didn’t give it out when the vaccination was vaccinated, because it wasn’t an anti-vaccine and didn’t bring down the country … ” rice field. In addition, he assured Susana that it wouldn’t work in Uruguay, where the play was about to premiere.

Publication of Susana Jimenez after Jorge Rial's words. Instagram.

Publication of Susana Jimenez after Jorge Rial’s words. Instagram.

After that, Susana Alexander GuattiHistory notary invader (América TV) And when asked about Real’s attitude, “Sue” was obvious: “Stop … look at the real thing”Launched, in his words Fuck you

The impact was immediate and the Radio 10 driver returned to the attack.First, he shared an image of Susana on his Instagram and Twitter accounts and put it in his photo. gift Evil Queen’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ..

Then he mentioned the diva’s words on her radio show: “We have a love-hate relationship. She is already her caricature. For me, it’s a caricature of what Susana was.He became a caricature based on his remarks“.

“”It’s getting more and more advanced because it was what it was. I hope I can learn something from Mirsa. I hope she will sit down and learn something from Mirsa someday, “she emphasized. Fuck you And he sends me to hell.Susana, or you make me Fuck you Or you send me to hell. You cover me or you reveal me. You can’t do everything to me. “

“I love knowing to offend her. Only Susana Jimenez knows, especially as avoiders. The mask has fallen … “concludes the driver.


Source: Clarin

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