Daniel Beila’s Trials and His Experience with Morphine: “You Are Causes Addiction”

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With a must-see hand Alexander Fantinus For Stray animals (USA, 11:30 pm), Daniel Villa I remembered him 4-column operation Made with Shocking revelation About your last surgery.

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For details, the president American group He visited the studio of a mythical program hosted by a journalist in Santa Fe this Wednesday night and agreed to talk about everything from government departments to media relationships and personal life.

It was then that Fantino asked him why. A recent accident he was playing tennis And a famous businessman said: “I was playing tennis on monday and tore There is a little muscle behind. “

Alejandro remembered, “Three years ago. You have experienced the worst that a person can experience This is a life with permanent back pain.

“”Yes, I had 4 spinal surgeries..The first doctor who operated on me couldn’t find a reason, couldn’t solve the problem, and I ended up working abroad and that changed my life“Pamela David’s husband explained.

Daniel Villa and Alejandro Fantino are holding hands in "Loose Animals". TV capture

Daniel Villa and Alejandro Fantino are holding hands in “Loose Animals”. TV capture

The businessman then remembered that the surgical intervention took place in New York and the doctor in charge of it was an Argentine expert. Federico Girardi.. “Did the man change your life?” Asked the driver Stray animals.. “He changed it for me,” Villa admitted.

And he added: Did not know what it is to live without pain.. Pain changes your life because you feel sick. Severe pain. There was no moment of the day that didn’t hurt.. Sitting, standing, and lying down can help you get used to a painful life. “

“”It happened that I was 6 months in morphine“, clearly. “Now, Dani, have you been able to give yourself morphine for 6 months?“Obviously surprised sports journalists wanted to know how they supplied the drug to him.

“They are drops. Obviously, they were prescribed by a doctor. And Morphine was addicting so I had a problem getting off, It gets rid of pain, you are in a wonderful world, but it is causing addiction. And one day I had to say “enough”, I’m not taking any more morphine. “

Villa has had four surgeries in the United States. TV capture

Villa has had four surgeries in the United States. TV capture

“But did the pain continue when you stopped morphine, or did you already have surgery?” Asked the journalist. “No, I had already had surgery. The doctor gave me morphine during the postoperative period If there is no virtuous circle … If the muscles cannot be relaxed, the contractures will occur, and the contractures will make the surgery even more painful. “

And he concluded that:Every surgery is always at risk … When I had my last surgery in Buenos Aires, the same doctor who had my surgery told me, “I’m here, I can’t find a solution, let’s look outside”, and We started investigating who the best surgeons were there. And he was by his side, and I arrived at Girardi by my side. ”

“”And were you okay there?Alexander asked him.I was perfect …“I was convinced that Daniel said that the surgery led to a friendship with the famous doctor Girardi, who later met his current partner thanks to Pamela. Serena Lucchi..

“”He divorced and Pame introduced him to Serena. Now they are dating and she lived in New York with him … it’s fate! The famous businessman said with a smile on his face.


Source: Clarin

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