Diego Peretti told about the millionaire scam he was the victim of

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Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, Diego Peretti (59) had told of having been victim of a millionaire scam by a real estate agent. A year later, the actor investigated the incident and assured that he was still looking for answers in the face of justice.

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On that occasion Peretti had recounted the bad experience he had with an investment, after having deposited much of his savings in a real estate business where he was left with nothing.

The artist was a guest of the show The last two (Continental Radio) and told new details and the progress of the case.

“It allows me to express something that I have been suffocating for some time and that I was able to express only thanks to the fact that the judicial institution, in this case, is giving way to a great anguish that I have for being involved in something very unfair “assured Peretti.

Diego Peretti told the details of the millionaire scam he was the victim of.  Video capture.

Diego Peretti told the details of the millionaire scam he was the victim of. Video capture.

“This is a real estate developer, named Martín Pines, who, thank God, was summoned for a criminal investigation by Judge Elizabeth Paisan, who is in charge of the No. 12 National Penitentiary Court, who provided data and evidence for investigate an alleged crime, “the former Los Simuladores said.

And he pointed directly to this real estate manager who scammed him: “This Martín Pines betrayed me and left me with an important financial problem”.

Diego also told how the fraud he was victim of was: “He sold me two functional units: one of 87sqm and the other of 59sqm, at a fixed price, without having the authority to carry out such an operation. He did not notify the trust that he was doing it at a fixed price and did supplement this money which I gave to the trust in installments and not in full as we had agreed. “

“Later, due to a problem that I have no idea what it is, leave the trust and It leaves me with a millionaire debt that I am still paying today. And all these facts have made it clear to the judge that it is something that establishes an alleged crime and repeated fraud “, continued Peretti, visibly upset by the situation.

Diego Peretti, in a difficult moment.  Photo Martin Bonetto.

Diego Peretti, in a difficult moment. Photo Martin Bonetto.

And he added: “To the proof that it is endorsed by notaries and all this we add four registrations that we made in Martín Pines where he confirms that he owes us this money, that he has not informed us of the form of installment payment, that he did not inform the trust that he deceived us and that he would take on the debt… ”.

“What makes these people’s stomachs twist is that they tell you to your face that you are right, that they will pay you and you spend two years pedaling and they cause you emotional damage “the actor was honest about the drama he lived through for more than a year.

Peretti, in turn, said he was advised by a good lawyer, who helped him to have hope that justice will be done in the short or medium term: “I had a good lawyer, Emiliano Corominola, who found the meaning of the alleged scam He found the technical point to bring him to criminal justice and he did it so well that the judge could notice that there is evidence to summon Martín Pines to the criminal investigation, who is the one who exercised his condition of garca against me. “

“I don’t want to relive what I’ve been through in these two or three years of uncertainty. I didn’t want to go to court, I wanted to speak directly with this person. More so when Martín Pines told me that I was right, that he would take care of the debt, that common sense of justice indicated that it was so “, he stressed.

Also Diego acknowledged that this real estate agent almost fooled him once again: “And I realized he was using me, like scammers do. The simulators, but in this case for the bad. They tell you to your face and at some point they leave you alone. But then we realized that he was delaying the deadlines because after two years any complaint can be made prescribes.

Finally, Peretti stressed that he will go to the last consequences, even if he stated that the alleged scammer did not appear before the Justice and suggested that he is not even in the country: “I don’t know if he’s in Argentina. He has given some long-awaited answers. For me he’s in Uruguay.”


Source: Clarin

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