Marvel Won’t Announce New ‘Fantastic Four’ Director Anytime Soon

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Jon Watts was confirmed in 2020 to take on the project, but left the post the following year

Marvel Will Not Announce New ‘Fantastic Four’ Director Anytime Soon

the new movie of Fantastic Four had gained hope from fans even in 2020, when Jon Watts was announced as project director during Disney Investor Day. However, after giving up the post in April 2021, no news about the production was revealed, and according to the journalist from deadline, Justin KrollMarvel is not expected to announce a new name anytime soon.

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“One source says he doesn’t expect [a vaga] be filled so soon as they are nowhere near narrowing down the long list of candidates: ‘I would be shocked if a choice is made before Labor Day'”published kroll on your Twitter account. In the United States, the date is celebrated in September.

“While no names have come up, multiple sources say that while it’s a great mix of candidates, Feige and company are betting big on some big names.”then said referring to Kevin Feigethe boss of Marvel Studios.

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Finally, he wrote: “A source close to the process [disse]: ‘Kevin doesn’t want to supervise all the shooting after not having worried about it with [Sam] Raimi, he is very willing to have the same result with this film'”.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first attempt to take the Fantastic Four back to cinemas. But with the previews of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, anything seemed possible, especially with the appearance of John Krasinski (“A Quiet Place”) as Mr. fantastic of a reality that is not Earth 616, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is set. In his brief participation, Reed Richards talk to Wanda and talks about being married and having children, so he understands the pain the villain felt for losing her family.

Since then, many fans have started to speculate about who will play the Sue Storma Invisible Womanin the Fantastic Four movie, which has already been confirmed by Kevin Feigethe CEO of Marvel Studios.

The characters have already won two versions in theaters, made by Fox: one in 2005, with Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Chiklis; and another in 2015, with a cast formed by Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell.

Source: cinebuzz

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