Menotti declared himself happy for the moment of the national team and pointed out against Mbappé: “Let him come and play at Chacarita”

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Menotti declared himself happy for the moment of the national team and pointed out against Mbappé:

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César Luis Menotti highlighted the personality of the coaching staff led by Scaloni: “They don’t sell smoke”. Photo: AFP.

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Cesare Luis Menotti, director of the AFA national teams, spoke at TyC Sports this afternoon following Argentina’s 3-0 win against Italy, which meant winning his second title in less than a year. Scaloni’s team played to the rhythm of a brilliant Messi and the good performance of the team can be seen both on and off the pitch.

The former coach of the senior national team and world champion in 1978 expressed his feelings about the last victory and the goal achieved by the Albiceleste team: “I’m happy“He advanced in his analysis.” First of all because it is accompanied by what the national team means, a project of a technical staff that aimed directly at the World Cup, “he said.

And it went on: “The first goal was to qualify. It is already there. Now they are working on research to strengthen the bond between the player, the coaching staff and even the people. The first thing is to look for a national team where people feel represented. This is achieved. All we do is try to fortify the group that represents the Argentine national team. ”

Menotti and his bench at the Scaloni.  Photo: EFE

Menotti and his bench at the Scaloni. Photo: EFE

On the possibility of being champion in Qatar 2022, the former coach advanced: “Since I was born, Argentina has always been a candidate. From the time of Labruna. So I’m not surprised and hope it stays that way. Because this means that they respect us, that they recognize us. We have always been there, as one of the football forces of South America and the world. So I’m happy because they deserve it. It is a group of young people who met above all emotionally ».

On the disputed sayings of Mbappéwho had said days ago that South American football had a lower level than the European one, Menotti launched in no uncertain terms: “It will not be that they are a step backwards. Tell Mbappé to come and play Chacarita. Or go to San Martin to play a game. “

And then he lowered the tone of the discussion: “No … well. These are things that are said in the press. Football is football. There is a ball, a player and people. We have invaded the great treasures of football. in Europe at a difficult time. And Sívori’s life in Italy was worse than that which Maradona had to live in Naples. So we already know this. “

The director of the AFA national teams is satisfied with the technical staff and the players.  "They don

The director of the AFA national teams is satisfied with the technical staff and the players. “They don’t sell smoke,” he defined. Photo: AFP

The statements of Menotti

ON the technical staff and his relationship with members: “They are people with a lot of experience, not in driving around, but in their experiences. They are all men of the national team and have experience as footballers. Above all, they have a commitment to learning. I have a very emotional relationship with Pablito Aimar. They are very honest people, very hardworking, very serious, they never sell smoke. He formed an emotionally strong and committed group and identified with people. It is not easy to put together something like this in the national team because there is no time like in the clubs. In the national team it becomes difficult because the players are leaving and this is what I think the coaching staff has arrived. Strengthen the group that is the base, a group that supports it and also has a very cordial relationship “.

ON Leone Messi and his role as group leader: “Messi first, now, next week is Messi. What has strengthened is a personal impression, the relationship between them has been greatly strengthened. Messi is happy because he has Di María and a group of guys who are great people. There is no vanity, no one wants to be a figure. As a football man, seeing a united group makes me happy. ”

On him Qatar World Cup 2022: “I think they will not relax. The coaching staff is always present even if they cannot have them (daily), they watch them, accompany them and chat. What it does for me is that they find a strong group, committed to a football idea. They know that they have to look for a place established by the coaching staff. We are in a very difficult time for football. We have to be very careful not to get caught up in the business world and stop being the cultural and representative football of the people. And that always worries me. That the national team does not have in its heart the commitment of a football that is not representative of popular sentiment, that it does not allow itself to be trapped by success or by being in a place of privilege like playing for a national team.

ON Staircases: “He has a commitment to himself up to the World Cup. Then his future will be seen. Whatever he is, he is happy where he is. He respects the place a lot and has a World Cup ahead of him that is not easy. There are many coaches and there are very few those who make a World Cup. He has a great opportunity “.

ON Angelo Di Maria: “Di María is my idol. I have no relationship with him, but I have enormous affection for his courage and for all that he fought to get the recognition he deserved. If he doesn’t get to Rosario Central I’ll go to look for it and I’ll take it “, concluded Menotti laughing, with a past and a rogue heart.

Source: Clarin

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