“Don’t think about it anymore, it really hits us”: Duki exploded in the networks after the viralization of a video by Emilia Mernes

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In the last few hours, A video of Emilia Mernes went viral dancing very close to a man. And before a controversial comment on it, Duki expressed himself on the networks and it became a trend on Twitter for the response it gave.

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“In Tik Tok they found that Emilia Mernes supported a guy’s ass at Madrid’s Bresh all night … ha ha ha. Poor Duki, he’s a cuckold“A user tweeted. Then the musician came to the crossroads.

The truth is that in the images the singer can be seen in the DJ booth of the aforementioned party dancing and talking closely with a mysterious young man. Even if you don’t see anything else between them, some netizens They called the singer unfaithful. This is exactly what infuriated the musician.

“Or maybe Emilia went out with her Sony team, of which Paco (the guy we see there) is a part. For God’s sake, stop ruining our relationship. With Emilia I live 24/7 and you don’t even know it. I ask you not to comment anymore, it really hits us“Wrote the ragpicker on the bird’s social network.

Duki's tweet after allegations of infidelity to his girlfriend.

Duki’s tweet after allegations of infidelity to his girlfriend.

And he added: “I’m not expressing an opinion just because I don’t want to give substance to the question, but Emilia is the woman who loves me most, who respects me, who loves me and accompanies. What is it to go around questioning any act of others, to suppose and invent things that are not ».

“The worst part is that they don’t see how much it affects us, how boring, media, people out there giving their opinion, live and let live. “

Automatically all his fans supported him with messages of all kinds. “I love you, Duki”, “Hit hard”, “Don’t pay attention to them”, were some of the comments he received, for example.

The singers whitened their romance late last year.

The singers whitened their romance late last year.

For these hours, meanwhile, the ragpicker is experiencing an excellent moment in his career e is in Europe doing a series of shows. A few days ago it was presented at a festival in Santiago de Compostela.

Meanwhile, Emilia has just released her first album entitled You believe in me?. Both of them will be presented at the Boombastic 2022 festival from Madrid together with other Argentine artists such as Nicki Nicole and Bizarrap.

The story of the love story between Duki and Emilia Mernes

The couple whitened their relationship in December 2021 after keeping it a secret. The rumors of romance began when the singers have published their theme as if it didn’t matter, where they are very caramelized.

But it was Emilia herself who had the task of making it clear that it all started before fans and the press noticed the love story. “It was a long time ago as if it didn’t matter… Good for! Not so much because we were dating before… ”, He shot in an interview with Los 40 Argentina, suggesting that something was already happening between them when he was still dating Asnicar.

Prior to this relationship, Duki was single for a few months after separating from Asnicar, while Emilia had been related to the footballer Neymar.


Source: Clarin

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