The Argentine miniseries Supernova surpasses the week’s recommended previews

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From Friday available in full on Amazon Prime Video. Every Friday at 10:30 pm, a preview episode on Canale 9.

"Supernova" is based on a

“Supernova” is based on an original idea by Johanna Chiefo, which she stars in the series.

Based on an idea by Johanna Chiefo and directed by Ana Katz, this Argentine series produced by Kapow and Grupo Octubre is the emotional and sexual journey of a group of young people crossing the threshold of their 30s.

As a dramatic comedy, the series has four episodes and is played by Chiefo herself, Ruggero Pasquarelli, Carolina Kopelioff, Nancy Duplaá, Inés Estevez and Luis Ziembrowski, among others.

Business is business

Available on Netflix from Friday.

"Business is Business" is a German comedy-drama that debuts on Netflix.

“Business is Business” is a German comedy-drama that debuts on Netflix.

Six-episode German comedy drama. In desperate need of his start-up to succeed, an ambitious financial mastermind (Matthias Brandt) lies, plays dirty, and scams to turn his fraudulent company into a success.

The loudest voice

From Wednesday, available on Star +.

Russell Crowe and Sienna Miller in "The Loudest Voice" series, which will debut on Star +.

Russell Crowe and Sienna Miller in “The Loudest Voice” series, which will debut on Star +.

Russell Crowe plays Roger Ailes in this 7-episode miniseries about the rise and fall of the founder of Fox News. Based on Gabriel Sherman’s bestselling book, the series follows Ailes’ rise to power to become the de facto leader of the Republican Party, and tackles the multiple allegations of sexual harassment that ultimately brought about his career collapse.

black bird

Friday, premiere of the first two episodes on Apple TV +.

Taron Egerton plays an inmate in the Apple TV thriller "Black Bird".

Taron Egerton plays an inmate in the Apple TV thriller “Black Bird”.

Six-part psychological thriller starring Taron Egerton. When Jimmy Keene begins his ten-year prison sentence, he receives an incredible offer: if he can persuade alleged killer Larry Hall to confess to his crime, he will be released. With Paul Walter Hauser, Ray Liotta and Greg Kinnear.

Audience in Captivity: A True American Horror Story

Wednesday, premiere on Star +.

Three-episode docuseries about the life of Steven Stayner, who was kidnapped for seven years by a pedophile as a child. Since then, his life and that of his family have been under the microscope of the media. The series spans 50 years and unravels the tragic story of the Stayners: both that of Steven and that of his brother Cary, a serial killer sentenced to death.


sea ​​monster

Premiere Friday, on Netflix.

"Sea Monster", the new Netflix original animated adventure.

“Sea Monster”, the new Netflix original animated adventure.

New Netflix Original Animated Adventure. A young woman hides on the ship of legendary sea monster hunter Jacob Holland (voice of Karl Urban) and embarks on an epic journey into uncharted waters. From the director of Moana, Chris Williams, Oscar winner for Great Heroes.

murderer without memory

From Friday, on Amazon Prime Video.

Liam Neeson as Alex Lewis, a seasoned hitman who discovers he has become a target after refusing to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization. When his memory begins to disappoint him, he questions his every action.

the good boss

Available on Star +.


The acclaimed Spanish film “El Buen Patron” is now available on Star +.

While waiting for the visit of a commission that can reward his company par excellence, the owner of an industrial-scale company tries to make things perfect. But everything seems to conspire against it. Spanish dramatic comedy with Javier Bardem.

brave time

From Wednesday, available on Netflix.

The Argentine film by Damián Szifron with Luis Luque and Diego Peretti is coming in streaming. A depressed cop and the psychoanalyst who accompanies him on his rounds form an unexpected friendship when they are involved in a murder investigation.

Source: Clarin

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