On the verge of tears, Soledad Silveyra recounted how the tragic accident experienced in Mendoza was

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Soledad Silveyra spoke to the press at noon this Monday as soon as he arrived Buenos Aires after tragic accident Sunday night when a driver lost control of his vehicle and ran over about 23 people who were leaving to see his work in the city of Godoy Cruz, Mendoza.

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On the verge of tears, the actress told Jorge Newbery at the airport exit the horror she experienced firsthand when she was about to greet her audience and heard the noise.

We live the horror! I don’t want to be in those families’ shoes. What we just saw is very horrible … all of a sudden I went to help a man out and he said ‘Solita, Solita, I came to see you’ and asked about his wife, who was a few meters away. distance … The only thing I was able to do was take a blood-filled handkerchief and put it on top of (the wound), “said Silveyra, still in shock.

Soledad Silveyra, moved in front of the cameras.  Capture TV

Soledad Silveyra, moved in front of the cameras. Capture TV

It was devastating. We hope nobody leaves us, we are very worried about a little girl … I wrote again to the director of the hospital so that she could have mercy and call us to tell us how people are “, added the actress, who also said it together with Verónica Llinás, with whom she plays in the comedy. crazy auctionthey launched a campaign to locate the families of the injured

All the windows exploded and all the people were cut off. it was horribleSilveyra continued, who also mentioned the actions of the driver, who was cornered by a group of witnesses.They had caught him, people wanted to beat him and he said, ‘I didn’t do it on purpose’, he was disabledSolita revealed.

The front of the theater in Godoy Cruz.  Photo: The Sun

The front of the theater in Godoy Cruz. Photo: The Sun

According to police sources, the driver was parking on the side of Colón Street, where the Piazza Teatro Cinema of the said city, e He lost control of his vehicle, running over about 23 people who were leaving the show.leaving at least a dozen injured, three of them seriously.

This is confirmed by sources from the Ministry of Security Telam That Edoardo Diaz62, the man driving the volkswagen virtue with automatic transmission that caused the accident, he could be accused of “minor and serious injuries”. Via Giorgiothe prosecutor in charge of the case has not yet registered it but has a legal term of 24 hours to do so, and another 24 hours to charge him.

Verónica Llinás’ words after the Mendoza accident

“We were going to take pictures with people and our local producer asked us for a photo and that’s what saved usif we hadn’t been victims of the accident too “, recalled Llinás, who recently arrived in Buenos Aires and after the statements made by her partner.

And he reflected in front of the cameras: “That’s why we should be happy but the truth is there is no joy there is only sadness, worry and responsibility. It’s our audience, they came to visit us, they were waiting for us … I won’t forget a lady who grabbed my bloody hand and said ‘I wanted a picture with you’You never forget “.

Soledad Silveyra and Verónica Llinás at the Aeroparque exit.  Capture TV

Soledad Silveyra and Verónica Llinás at the Aeroparque exit. Capture TV

“It was something terrible, we are shocked. It is very painful. Gabriellathe most serious victim, who we were told was in a medically induced coma and had suffered a hemorrhage with a skull fracture, is the one most in danger, “Veronica said asking viewers to please pray and send all your good energies. .

Also, about the noise that alerted them, he said: “I thought a building had fallen, a balcony or it was a bomb. The head usher started yelling at us not to go and passed out. First we complied but then we went. There was a group of men trying to lift the car because there were people crushed … I stayed inside to calm down, trying to contain and tell them not to move the injured, and Solita came out, “recalled the famous actress and comedian.


Source: Clarin

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