Why doesn’t Judi Dench watch her films?

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Why doesn't Judi Dench watch her films?

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Judi Dench, a star with firm beliefs. Photo EFE / Juan Herrero

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Famous actress Judi Dench, who this year received her eighth Oscar nomination for the role of Grandma, in Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast (2021), in which she developed a performance that proved her acting talent he is still alive, even at 87, he is far from thinking about retirement.

Having won almost every conceivable accolade, he said in an interview with The times of Sunday: “I’m just slowing down because I can’t read the scripts because of my eyesight, but I’ll find a way.”

Even his high critical spirit continues as his talent in affirming his predilection for the theater to the cinema, without wanting to take anything away from the seventh art, he commented. “The beauty of cinema is that it doesn’t have another chance; there are many of my films that I have never seen and that I will not see because they would irritate meConfessed the actress, born in December 1934 in York, England.

Judi Dench has had eight Oscar nominations.

Judi Dench has had eight Oscar nominations.

a long time

Looking back on his sixty-five-year career, Judi Dench celebrated how unlikely his rise to movie stardom was.

At an audition, before her film debut with the third secret (1964), he was told he would never be in a movie because, in the words of the casting director, “She has the wrong face”; Far from being depressed by that comment, she replied: “Okay, anyway I don’t like movies, I want to go back to the theater.”

Dench made her professional debut as Ofelia, in Fractionin September 1957, at the Old Vic. She remained in the cast of the theater for four seasons, in which she played roles such as Katherine, in Henry Vin 1958, a play that also premiered in New York and marked his acting debut in the United States, directed by Franco Zeffirelli.

She then joined the Royal Shakespeare Theater Company in December 1961, in which she played Anya, in the cherry tree and in April 1962, in Stratford-upon-Avon as Isabella, in measure by measure.

Judi Dench, alongside Daniel Craig.  She played the boss of James Bond.

Judi Dench, alongside Daniel Craig. She played the boss of James Bond.

He prefers the theater

From this experience his love for the theater was born; that preference stemmed from the desire to continually work on his characters, night after night. Although over time she has come to love working in films, where he starred in more than 40 filmsDench admitted that he would like the opportunity to improve some film performances in the same way he would a role on stage.

“It’s this way of looking at acting that drives me to keep making an effort as an actress, my need to perfect the character,” said the artist.

After his performance in Belfastis ready to start Alleluia, in Richard Eyre’s adaptation of Alan Bennett’s play of the same name. This film will be released later this year, meanwhile Dench is already thinking about future roles. No matter how successful you are, the star is still worried about becoming complacent.

Perhaps his final reflection reveals the level of commitment and demand he puts into his work: “You can do something that is successful and then the next one can go wrong. You can never assume it will work and it is right that we should not ”.


Source: Clarin

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