Controversial audios of Mariana Nannis about the death of Claudio Caniggia’s mother have been leaked

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Mariana Nannis Y Claudio Paolo Caniggia are once again in the eye of the storm for the controversial audio media leaked in the last few hours talking about the suicide of his former mother-in-law, Nelida Tomasa Iglesiaswho took his own life in September nineteen ninety six.

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As mentioned in THEY (America, 20) the voice recordings in question were sent by Nannis to someone in his inner circle who allegedly leaked them to the press. “I have it in the bank. The audio is harsh and cruel, but we agree that it comes from the private sphere, It’s not like he sent it to a TV channel… He never talked about it publicly, ”Yanina Latorre said.

What did Nannis say about his ex’s mother? “Gonzalo (Nannis) has been with him (for Caniggia) for a long time and every time he called his mother, my brother said he did the same: ‘No, I’m not there, tell him I’m not there’. My brother answered the phone and didn’t answer his mother, why he didn’t want to talk to his motherhe didn’t give a damn, “he began.

The audios were allegedly sent by Nannis to a friend, but they got into the hands of the press.  Capture TV

The audios were allegedly sent by Nannis to a friend, but they got into the hands of the press. Capture TV

I was accused of the suicide of Claudio Caniggia’s mother, and the mother committed suicide because of her familythat’s not my fault, ”Nannis continued.

And speaking with that person, whose identity is unknown, he added: «Do not be hypocrites. Or the Argentines don’t want to see things ?! Nobody knows he didn’t call his mother. His mother called him and the boy never wanted to answer her. From that moment on, I should have left the boy. You know?”.

“A boy who doesn’t want to know anything about his mother, who doesn’t care … The mother threw herself from the balcony because she would have had 200 mambos on her head; other than that she had depression but he never wanted to cure it. She always lived crying and he didn’t care about anything, “Axel’s mother Alex and Charlotte added in another snippet of that tape.

In 1996, on the death of the footballer's mother, Nannis and Caniggia were a couple.

In 1996, on the death of the footballer’s mother, Nannis and Caniggia were a couple.

And he closed: “I mean, from that moment I should have left her. A man who doesn’t care about his mother will never care about his wife and children. Nor did he help her, otherwise her mother would not have thrown herself off a balcony.

Details on the death of Claudio Caniggia’s mother

To contextualize the sayings of the media, Pía Shaw recalled: “Year 1991, Nélida begins with a very strong depression What did it have to do with a family breakup Why I have not seen Claudio and he had a very bad relationship with Mariana … at that moment it was Claudio’s father who told it … This happened in 1996, in the heart of the Belgrano neighborhood “.

“It’s also bad because Claudio’s family accuses her of suicide and no one commits suicide for their son’s wife … You can hate your mother-in-law and your mother-in-law may hate you, but there is still a long way to go from there to her suicide … “, Latorre clarified his position.

Recall that when the former footballer’s mother put an end to his life, he lived in Europe with his wife and children and it was his representative who called him to Italy to give him the news. Nélida Tomasa Iglesias de Caniggia, commonly known as neldiI had 60 years and died at 8:15 pm according to police sources.


Source: Clarin

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