Journalist Gastón Edul was threatened at the door of the Independiente property

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Journalist Gastón Edul was threatened at the door of the Independiente property

Gastón Edul, the journalist threatened by an Independiente employee.

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Independent lives a dramatic moment. The defeat in the classic against Racing, which led to the subsequent resignation of Eduardo Domínguez, and the lack of definition around the elections lead the club to find itself stuck in a crisis from which it cannot escape.

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An atmosphere of maximum tension can be felt on the red sidewalk of Avellaneda, even for the journalists who deal with the news every day. In this case, the one who had to experience it firsthand went Gaston Edul, who received insults while airing on Tyc Sports. A car stopped next to him to insult him without knowing they were live.

“There are people who are excited, it seems that it bothers them that we tell the truth”launched Edul by explaining the details of the coach’s departure and indicated Hugo Moyano and Héctor Yoyo Maldonado as the main culprits of the Rojo’s deep institutional crisis.

Then he completed: “They are the people who work in the club and we scold you like we have some kind of interest. I am not surprised because it happens on the pitch when the fans want to express themselves and the barrabrava silences them. “

In connection with this, Domínguez thanked the players in his farewell, the Rolfi Montenegro (sports consultant) and the fans, but left the managers aside. His discontent with the lack of reinforcements, which he considered to be the key to the upheaval of football, was the main reason for his departure.

Beyond the fact that the players wanted to convince him to review his decision, there was no going back. “I’m calm because I gave everything. We generated great expectations, but it wasn’t enough. Let’s hope Independiente can move on, “he said.

Elections: one good among many bad ones

This Tuesday, as the DT said goodbye, the news was learned that the Civil and Commercial Appeals Chamber of Lomas de Zamora ruled in favor of the protection presented by the opposition group led by Fabián Doman, which will allow the journalist to stand for election.

“Justice done, now we can participate in the elections with the Traditional Independent Group. We hadn’t filed the documents wrong. We were banned “said an exultant Doman a Clarione.

“Now Moyano has to call elections now. Independiente cannot wait and needs immediate solutions,” he added.

In the midst of chaos, this Saturday, at 3:30 pm. in the Libertadores de América, el Rojo will receive Rosario Central with the urgency of securing a victory after three consecutive defeats.

Claudio Graf will be the interim coach, while the search for a new coach continues, the seventh in just over three years counting the interim. The target is Gabriel Heinze.

Source: Clarin

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