Rocío Quiroz was scammed by a lawyer who presented her to Moria Casán: she claims 65 thousand dollars

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Friday, a THEY (America, 20 years old) told the details of the bad time the singer is going through Rocio Quiroz, after denouncing that her own lawyer, Dr. Gerardo Sánchez Ibarra, had defrauded her.

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The surprising thing about the matter is that the lawyer is the same one Moria Casán had introduced to the cumbia singer at the time and who had donated a million pesos in materials to Rocío when the roof of his house was blown away some time ago. house under construction in Chascomús due to a thunderstorm.

“What a strange Moria with shady people around, the first time it happens to him …”, Ángel de Brito shot ironically as he presented the subject.

Estefi Berardi told the case of the scam to Rocío Quiroz in LAM

Estefi Berardi told the case of the scam to Rocío Quiroz in LAM

“Mr. Gerardo Sánchez Ibarra, through Moria Casán who uses her as a messenger, approaches this donation. Moria does not know him, but since the gesture seemed good to him, she did it, she uses it to convey the message ”, began Estefi Berardi, speaker of the gossip series on América TV, talking about the case.

“So far everything seems nice, what good people. But in truth, maybe he paid Moria to name him. He did it in good faith. Rocío Quiroz and her husband, Eduardo Etchepare, want to personally thank the gentleman for his kindness. office to have a coffee to thank him for the good gesture because the modus operandi of this man is ‘I act in solidarity and then he scams you’ “, he continued.

And I add: “So, what Rocío’s husband tells me is that he seemed like a good persondivine and that’s why they started chatting and creating a personal relationship “, Berardi continued in detail. He added:” This man, Ibarra, asks him what Rocío’s husband does and tells him that he is dedicated to selling cars and offers to make a deal on the cars he was supposed to sell them and Rocío Quiroz’s husband took a commission. “

The truth is that after generating a personal bond and after helping them when they had a problem with the roof of their house, the lawyer showed his true face, according to Quiroz’s entourage: “At one point, the lawyer tells him that he had a small problem, that he needed five thousand dollars to see if Rocío’s husband could lend it to him and, since there was already a trust, Eduardo lends him this money, which is family money “.

Rocío Quiroz and her husband complained that they were scammed by the lawyer Gerardo Sánchez Ibarra

Rocío Quiroz and her husband complained that they were scammed by the lawyer Gerardo Sánchez Ibarra

Hence the desperation of the tropical singer since she lost the money destined for savings and investments to repair her home: “The money belongs to the family. What Eduardo tells me is ‘I gave him the money because he had his cars and he couldn’t screw me.’ The second time he takes out a cash loan is to pay some checks for a scheme in the Mirtha Legrand program. There is evidence. But now the lawyer doesn’t show up. “

Finally, Berardi concluded: “Eduardo had run out of cars to sell, so he says to the lawyer: ‘Start paying me back because I have lent you a lot. I need my money. The lawyer starts there with an apology. In total, it is 65 thousand dollars that he defrauded the family of Rocío Quiróz“.


Source: Clarin

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