María Fernanda Callejón told what happened to her daughter and the responsibility of Mariano Iúdica: “My blood was freezing”

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Maria Fernanda Callejonthe day after his participation Sunday evening (America, Sunday at 8 pm), spoke of the moment of maximum tension experienced in the program of Mariano Giudica when his seven-year-old daughter, Giovanna, started a motorcycle in the studio and nearly crashed.

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“Guys, how can I not be scared of what happened?”the actress underlined in her cycle Enrulados, in Gente Radiovisión (FM 107.5) talking about the subject.

First, Callejón, who recently separated from her daughter’s father, Ricky Diotto, explained why she agreed to go to the Iúdica cycle accompanied by her daughter, with whom she played the game of jenga.

“Usually I don’t take Giovanna on TV, but there was a lot of anticipation, I don’t know if they know that I have worked with Mariano for many years and I found myself at ease. Sunday evening, where I have also worked extensively. It seemed to me that going to play would relax things a bit, leave some rough days behind, and we were off, “said Callejón, a former member of the Controversy at the bar.

María Fernanda Callejón, with her daughter in her arms.  She catches the TV.

María Fernanda Callejón, with her daughter in her arms. She catches the TV.

Then, he recounted in detail how the circumstances arose so that his daughter ended up accelerating the bike that was in the studio for an advertisement.

“I was having a lot of fun watching my daughter having fun. And when we were about to return from the court of Nazareno (Móttola) she wasn’t there, she was in the bathroom, and the PNT (non-traditional advertising) had to be done. Mariano kills his mother for a PNT, they are very important to him. So they said ‘four, three, two, one …’. And I said ‘I get on the bike’. I manage to go on and Gio just says ‘no, I’m mom’. Therefore, Mariano grabs it and puts it on the bike “.

“A few seconds have passed. Mariano starts the PNT, Gio finds the horn of the bike … My blood has gone cold. my blood was freezing … She goes straight … “, continued Callejon.

Concerned faces of Mariano Iúdica and María Fernanda Callejón.  Capture the TV.

Concerned faces of Mariano Iúdica and María Fernanda Callejón. Capture the TV.

“Go ahead and Nazareno enters flying and stops the bike with four cameramen. And the cameraman my daughter was going to, raised the camera and protected his face. I froze. Nothing happened. It was within seconds that she was grabbed in the air. The bike didn’t even fall. He wasn’t afraid. We all freaked out except her. He wanted to keep playing jenga, “he added on the most critical moments.

“There’s a tic in the media, or maybe it’s something about the artists, which is that the show has to go on. Obviously the show should go on until my daughter is destroyed. This is obvious”highlighted the actress.

María Fernanda Callejón has exonerated Mariano Iúdica from any responsibility

Later, Callejón freed the driver from any kind of responsibility for what happened: “I want to exonerate Mariano. He is the driver. They put the vehicles on him. Even Mariano didn’t know it was on “.

And regarding the attitude they took with the driver to continue as if nothing had happened with the program, he explained: “I have chemistry with him and, seeing that nothing was happening, I realized we didn’t have to go deeper. There was also the brand. I haven’t talked to them yet, I know they wanted to contact me. The truth is that we gave them a lot of publicity, because they appeared everywhere. “

Finally, Callejón stressed that if what happened has served to “raise awareness of road safety and the precautions to be taken, this is welcome”.


Source: Clarin

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