Scandal with El Polaco in “Sing with me now”, the new program by Marcelo Tinelli: expelled from the jury

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Scandal with El Polaco in

El Polaco was negligent and caused the production fury of the El Trece cycle.

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A few days after the first sing with me nowthe new reality show hosted by Marcelo Tinelli which will premiere next Monday on the screen of El Trece, the first intern of the program has already exploded: they have launched The Polish.

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The tropical singer, who was about to join the jury of this international format and of great alignment, was released in the last hours of production. It’s inside Show partners (El Trece, at 11) he recounted the details of the controversy.

“El Polaco, who was late for registration and they eliminated him, is the jury that was excluded. A few hours from the start, he has not even recorded the first program and out “, presented the theme Adrián Pallares.

Hence, Mariana Brey developed: “El Polaco warned that he was late. He warned him after they called him 10 times from production. Apparently it came from a tour he did inside. “

“They didn’t locate him until He texted that he was late. There they told him, ‘don’t come’ directly. That’s why he didn’t even show up for the recordings. “

El Polaco was already part of other Tinelli programs.  Photo: The family

El Polaco was already part of other Tinelli programs. Photo: The family

With the confirmed disappearance of Karina’s former La Princesita, there was room to recall another figure from the local media, but as they were against the clock it was not easy to find a figure at any moment.

It was Rodrigo Lussich who talked about the ups and downs of the production to find a replacement for the singer: “The truth is that they gave the opportunity and the place to Lula Rosenthalwho was a dreamer, in singing 2020, by Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and apart from that it is divine. Y It turns out that the next day they need it and they can’t either “.

“Therefore, They replaced Ivana Rossi, exponent of musical comedy. He will replace El Polaco, who is out of competition for now, “Brey completed the information.

Ivanna Rossi, El Polaco

Ivanna Rossi, El Polaco’s substitute, took part in “Cantando 2020” as a replacement.

Finally, he warned: “El Polaco did not show up, but he will not be the only one absent in the cycle. There will be many substitutes. Some have a hard time going to the recordings and it seems that this will happen very often.”

In the midst of the scandal with El Polaco, another controversy arose with La Bomba Tucumana

Cristian Castro and Puma Rodríguez, two of the international figures in which they will participate sing with me nowa program that will air on Monday 25 in the early evening of El Trece, have already arrived in the country to fulfill their contractual obligations and were present in the first days of recording.

But the truth is that the coexistence of the 100 jurors who went to record in the studio of Don Torcuato, where the reality show is held, is not so simple. And less with so many figures.

While there is a good vibe among the majority, the long hours of recording and waiting made some unsatisfied celebrities scream in heaven in the dressing room they had.

Without going further, inside show partner revealed that Gladys La Bomba Tucumana was one of those who complained that many figures have their own dressing rooms and others have been grouped in a tent that has fewer amenities.

El Tirri, cousin of Tinelli, who is part of the jury, got his own dressing room and, questioned about the controversy after the La Bomba complaints, accused of knowing nothing: “Oh, isn’t there La Bomba around here? I had no idea.”

“You have a dressing room, Manuel Wirtz has a dressing room, El Puma Rodríguez, Cristian Castro also have his … Do you know why they sent her to the tent?” Pallares asked El Tirri.

Then Marcelo’s cousin, in an empathic gesture, managed to reply: “No, I have no idea. But today I will invite you to come here to share the locker room with me”.


Source: Clarin

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