“Popstar”: Reydel’s funny video clip joined by Moria Casán

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Moria Casán with Reydel, who premiered her new song on July 21st. Photo: print

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Moria Casan It never ceases to amaze with its eccentricities. Is that the famous actress, presenter and lookout has just starred in the video clip of pop starthe first song that the artist King of Produces in Miami.

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The song, whose lyrics celebrate life and diversity and was produced by the singer himself along with Israel Y Vanklaushas catchy snippets performed in English and Spanish.

“I want to see your swing on the catwalk. High heels on the street like a fucking queen, hey I want to go crazy bitch. You are a multicolored whore. Put some glitter on me. Like I’m queen b, “she says in her chorus.

One and Reydel in the middle of filming the video.  Photo: print

One and Reydel in the middle of filming the video. Photo: print

Although the presence of Moria is quite a novelty, since it is the first time that the diva appears in a video clip, his choice is not surprising. It is that the One has always stood out for being an icon of diversity in all its forms.

“I wrote to him on WhatsApp telling him that I wanted him to be the star of my next video and, to my surprise, he accepted the touch. A flash! I was already talking to her about it JECAN (@somosjecan), my Celebrity & Influencer Marketing agency, we did several collaborations and this time it was for my music project, “said the artist.

Furthermore, the influencer and the businessman said: “pop star comes from the idea of ​​living with an outward, expressive attitude, without holding anything. That wherever you are it can be an expansion space, forward, like a catwalk. Pop star attitude “.

“I wrote it, like all the songs I do, otherwise I don’t think I would sing. I care what I have to say“, he clarified about it. While acknowledging that although he is” previewing a song “him he does not define himself as a “musician” but a “creative”.

Moria Casán and Reydel.  Photo: print

Moria Casán and Reydel. Photo: print

I see my project as a global work, it communicates with the music, but also with the image, I try to be in everything. As an independent artist, I really enjoy being in every detail, without having a record company or multinational behind me to downgrade me. At least for now, “Reydel added.

In addition, the “creative” claimed that after his presentation to the lollapalooza Argentina, is preparing to release two more singles by the end of the year and announce your next show.

It is worth clarifying that the influencer He is known to be one of the most committed references in the LGBTIQ + community and a diversity rights activist. So that part of the proceeds from this single will be donated to a foundation fight for the rights of that community.


Source: Clarin

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