Instagram censored a photo of Alejandra Maglietti and the speaker exploded with anger: “Do you think it’s so bad?”

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Instagram censored a photo of Alejandra Maglietti and the speaker exploded with anger:

The image of Maglietti who generated censorship on Instagram.

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Alessandra Maglietti She is very active on her Instagram account, where she has 1.8 million followers. Here, the speaker blessed (El Nueve, Monday to Friday at 8pm) posts photos of her modeling work and personal life and receives hundreds of comments. But this time the social network played a bad joke on him.

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It turns out that this weekend, Maglietti shared a sensual photo of her lying on her stomach on his bed. And although there seemed to be nothing wrong with that, Instagram censored it. “Outrage ha ha ha ha. Sexual services you say? I didn’t know Instagram was so moralistic“Wrote the lawyer showing the message sent to her by the social network to notify her decision.

“Your post has been removed. It violates our Community Guidelines for adult sexual services“, reads the press release.


“I’m angry,” Maglietti told Clarín after this image was censored. Photo: Instagram

As detailed in the message, on Instagram, sexual activities include “recorded pornography and sexual activitysexual, erotic or tantric messages, offer or request nude or sexual images “and others.

In turn, the rapporteur from El Nueve supported this other one influencer they upload stronger images than the one he posted and they noticed it in fact in his speech he did not show any intimate part of his body.

The notification notice that was sent to you by Instagram.

The notification notice that was sent to you by Instagram.

“And finally one day Instagram censored me … do you think it’s a big deal? I don’t know, I see very explicit photos enough for this to generate some kind of scandal, “Maglietti downloaded on his Twitter account.

Then, in dialogue with Clarionethe speaker expressed: “I am angry because the photo has nothing out of tune, you can see the back and nothing else. What I posted is not a nude, I don’t know when they have been so hypocritical on Instagram. ”

And she added, considerably annoyed and surprised: “I never thought it could be censored.”

It should be noted that this decision of the social network takes place in the middle of the increase in adult content platforms such as Only Fans or Divas Play, which includes celebrities such as Silvina Luna, Florencia Peña and Silvina Escudero. The sites in question require membership and show erotic videos and photos.

Some time before the censorship episode, Alejandra Maglietti had put her clothes up for sale

In recent months Alejandra Maglietti has joined the circular fashion trend, which consists of reusing used clothing, and He’s put part of his wardrobe up for sale.

The model included in his offer from shirts to shoes and the value of the items was from 1,100 pesos to 15 thousand.

The catalog highlighted bags, dresses, scarves, shirts, t-shirts, trousers and shoes that could be seen in several photos in which it was noted if the garment had any detail or defect due to its use.

“It’s in ‘Renovate your dressing room’, a place where you can put your dressing room and sell. It is the concept of circular fashion, ”said Maglietti Clarione at the moment. And she made it clear that, of course, bosses need to be fine: “They are used clothes but they are in good condition.”

In addition to the speaker, many celebrities have teamed up to create a virtual dressing room on that platform. Pamela David, Marcela Kloosterboer, Mariana Fabbiani, Sofía Jujuy Giménez, Dalma Maradona, Julieta Prandi, Jésica Cirio, Flor de la Ve, Oriana Sabatini and Pampita were some of the biggest names.


Source: Clarin

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