Lissa Vera has intimidated Lechuga, a Cumbia singer, for sexual harassment and asks for a public apology

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After the passage The famous hotel (The thirteen), Lisa Vera sued for sexual harassment Santiago Ismael Torresthe singer of The band of lettuceand counted THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) the details of the moment who lived days ago when the musician would trick her into a bowling alley and, according to her sayings, kiss her prepo.

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After recalling his time in the successful reality show hosted by Carolina pampita Ardohain and Leandro El Chino Leunis, the Bandana member was consulted on his complaint by Ángel de Brito himself, and far from avoiding the controversy, he acknowledged: “Lettuce has harassed me. A video came out and I know she did it on purpose …“.

“I was locked up for three months, beating myself up, away from my family, then I will not allow them to come and want to cling to this sacrifice that I have made for so long, to look for a camera, to make yourself known, to do anything. If he needed to do something, he has an incredible career as a musician, so why are you doing it? ”Lissa said after De Brito read her letter of documents.

The moment that caused Lissa Vera's denunciation.

The moment that caused Lissa Vera’s denunciation.

But it’s not sexual harassmentEstefanía Berardi said as images of the singer kissing the musician appeared on the air. I was talking to him, but when the camera turns, he grabs my face and I say, ‘What are you doing?’I actually laugh. It’s not fair, “said Vera.

“To put it in Creole, it is a salami that was usedbut I don’t think it’s harassment or abuse, “insisted the speaker and former participant of Fight (The nine). “But I I wasn’t with all my reflexes and I didn’t want to kiss him“recalled the singer.

So, she said that that night Lechuga went to pick her up at her house in a car, they went to dinner with friends and they ended up in a nightclub. “But in the video you have your arms free, if you don’t want someone to come near you don’t take it out with your hands?Berardi asked him.

“It’s just that I was surprised, I said to him: ‘Enough idiot! What are you doing?’ … I am very hurt because if he had wanted to appear on television I would have taken him … This is a scandal, I have an 8 year old daughter … Not good. I don’t want this video to come out … she wore me, she said ‘let’s talk about work’ “, specified the interpreter of Damn night.

Lattuce, the singer denounced by Lissa Vera.  Photo: Instagram

Lattuce, the singer denounced by Lissa Vera. Photo: Instagram

“You’re a big girl now … Read a sexual harassment complaint in a context like what I see, and I don’t underestimate what you felt, but it seems like a lot to mebecause … “, Nazarena Vélez began.”Those who really suffer from sexual harassment lose seriousness “Berardi completed.

“It’s just that I didn’t expect it from him and when everything starts to go down, he took advantage of me to go to the roomI said ‘What are you doing?’ I found out she did it on purpose, “Lissa revealed.” Well, it’s not sexual harassment, “Nazarena replied.

Also, the singer said Torres took her home after bowling, but her memories are “blurry”. “She gave me champagne to drink, I was amazed, I don’t remember what was going on, I have flashes … Nothing else happened that I remember, but it got me drunkVera assured.

If he apologizes to you, is that so?“Fernando Iglesias asked him.”No, I’ll continue with the case“, assured the artist, who also asks that those images of his kiss with Lechuga be withdrawn from social networks. And he closed:” I’m sure of what I’m doing because I didn’t agree with that kiss and then I discover that he has prepared everything from the beginning “.

The letter of documents from Lissa Vera denouncing the sexual harassment

In the document of the letter that Lissa sent to Santiago, we read that the images that have gone viral on the networks damage, according to her, “the image, the good name and the honor”. “You rushed me by kissing me against my will“said the singer.

The letter-document against Lechuga published by Lissa Vera.

The letter-document against Lechuga published by Lissa Vera.

And he added through that writing: “Attentive to it and observant the damage it is causing to my public image, I will inform you within 48 hours. Upon receipt of this letter, make known a public apology for the act of sexual harassment, otherwise, I will initiate a criminal case“.


Source: Clarin

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