Telefe’s strategy of firing La Voz Argentina and receiving Natalia Oreiro

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Telefe's strategy of firing La Voz Argentina and receiving Natalia Oreiro

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Of the 6 members of the Mau and Ricky team, the public chose the 4 still in the race on Monday.

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After days of speculation about how and when the end The Argentine voiceit was finally revealed that the Telefe contest, the most viewed series on Argentine television, ends Monday 12 September at 22:00.a little earlier than usual.

This was confirmed by Marley in Monday’s broadcast, which Closed the stage of the round of 16 of the reality show with the definition of the four representatives of the Mau and Ricky team: Iván Papetti, Octavio Muratore, “Beba” Mirabile and Francisco Escudero.

This Tuesday the quarter-finals begin, with the presentation of the four members of Lali Espósito’s team (Ángela Navarro, Emilia Soler, Tomás Sagués and Juan Manuel Godoy) and the quartet of Ricardo Montaner (Elías Pardal Elías, Naiquén Galizio, Emanuel Cerrudo and Julia Ferrón).

This Wednesday will be the turn of the participants of the teams of Soledad Pastorutti (Yhosva Montoya, Martín “Chino” Ronconi, Damián Ayala and Huilén Curra) and those already called Mau and Ricky.

After the quarter-finals, there will be two participants per team. Thursday the semifinalswhich will leave the four finalists on balance.

The final will be played on Sunday.and although many believed that the winner’s name could be known that day, Telefe confirmed it only the artists voted in third and fourth place will be announced.

Y the winner and runner-up will be defined on Monday. As in these cases defines the public vote, the broadcasts of the double definition will also go live.

The Super Monday grid is a new face to face

In this way, the early evening on Monday the channel on the balloon will start at 9.15 pm with Genesisthe brand new Brazilian strip that has been leading its slot since its premiere.

At 10pm the last program of The voice, a special half-hour broadcast that will announce only the winner of the fourth edition of the reality show. And at 10:30 pm there will be the debut of who is the maskthe reality that comes in its place.

Now that the cards have been placed, the unknown is what Marcelo Tinelli is preparing and the production of sing with me now -the cycle that will have new direct competition from next Monday-, to face Telefe’s Super Monday.

Until now, The Argentine voice It prevailed with 13 rating points, compared to an average of 9.5 points for the reality show El Trece. An offer that is leveraged by Genesisthe new Brazilian soap opera that leaves a floor of 11.5 in the singing competition.

This Monday is scheduled who is the mask have an even higher plan for the definition of The voice. Then we will see how it will be the new daily face to face between the reality show that Natalia Oreiro commands and sing with me nowthe bicycle of which the now former rider ShowMatch.

What will it be like Who is the mask?

The Argentine version of who is the mask will debut on Monday 12 September at 10:30 pm. In addition to being the best-selling format in the world Currently, the reality show marks the return of the Uruguayan actress and singer to Telefe and her first as a host.

24 very famous people (celebrities who can be actors, singers, athletes or any business, but they must be well known) they make a completely disguised performance and are judged by a hundred people from the audience, who decide who should abandon the competition. nobody knows who I am.

Oreiro will not be alone. You will have your four “investigators”: Wanda Nara, Roberto Moldavsky, Karina La Princesita and Lizy Tagliani. Everyone ignores the identity of the participants and tries to reveal the secret.

To separate they will get to know them as they leave the game. Only when the audience chooses who comes out will they take off the mask. Among all, while the program is running, they speculate and will try to generate clues to know the identity of the participants.

When a contestant is disqualified, the audience will have to leave the studio as they will not be able to see their identity in the recording. They will only be able to see it when the program goes on air.

Oreiro’s mission is to moderate the interaction between the participants and the “researchers”. While masked celebrities have to mislead investigators and avoid discovery.

Source: Clarin

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