Home Entertainment The intimacy of David Lebón’s new album: what it was like to record with Charly García

The intimacy of David Lebón’s new album: what it was like to record with Charly García

The intimacy of David Lebón’s new album: what it was like to record with Charly García

The intimacy of David Lebón's new album: what it was like to record with Charly García

David Lebón and Charly García, together with the presentation of the vinyl reissue of an album by Serú Girán, 2019.

Three years after his successful and award-winning album Lebon & Co.the legendary singer and guitarist David Lebon has just released a second volume of covers of his most famous songs, each featuring great special guests.

The list includes Knowing Russia, Vicentino Y Fabiana Cantilo and the guitarist Skay Beilinsonwhich were the first singles released in advance, in the months of October 2021 and April, July and September 2022.

This series of business is completed with Abel Pintos, Diego Torres, Juanes, La Sole, Sandra Mihanovich, Kevin Johansen, Rosario Ortegathe Spanish Antonio Carmonathe keyboard player Osvaldo Fattorusoand his children Nayla and Panchi Lebón,

A session with Charly Garcia

One of the moments that generates the most expectations is the We will see againtogether with Charly García, his old friend and bandmate in Sui Generis and Serú Girán.

The song originally belongs to the album I will be 92 years oldWhen the band reunited, they released a new album and filled River Stadium twice. It was composed by García, Lebón and Pedro Aznar. It wasn’t a popular theme at the time, but over the years it has become a true classic.to the point that today it is the second most listened to Serú song on Spotify, with 20 million listeners, surpassed only by Seminare with 40 million.

Regarding registration, David said some details yesterday Thursday on Bebe Contepomi’s show on La Mega: “Charly came into the studio, sang and played the piano. He did a lot of piano takes, on many channels, but I know him well and I know that if he does a lot of things later you can search and you will find exactly what you wanted to do.

“I really appreciated the effort he made to go to the studio. The only thing he asked for is that I always stay with him. I know he loves me very much and this meeting was beautiful. I love him, I continue to love him and him. I will love all the time, my life, “added David.

In the song you can hear Charly’s classic keyboards and her voice completes the sentences they sing together, like two friends who have found themselves in a recording studio.

that volume 1

Lebón & Co. Vol.1 marked a milestone in David’s artistic life; It was the album in which many artists of different generations wanted to sing with him and review part of that inexhaustible song book, which since 1973 he has been creating and composing alone and in groups such as Rabioso fish, Polifemo and Serú Girán.

Great musicians have joined, such as Pedro Aznar, Ricardo Mollo, Fito Paez, Andrés Calamaro, Leiva, Carlos Vives and Julieta Venegas. They all said they were present and were part of a unique work.

Then came the sold out shows across the country, a Teatro Colón, Grammy and Gardel de Oro nominations.

upcoming shows

This new album will be presented in various provinces of the country and will have, as a final touch, a show at the Luna Park on November 27th.

  • September 16 – Tribe (Santa Fe)
  • September 17 – El Círculo Theater (Rosario)
  • September 23 – Mercedes Sosa Theater (Tucumán)
  • 25 September – Book Fair (Neuquén)
  • 29 September – Quality Space (Córdoba)
  • November 27 – Luna Park (Buenos Aires).


Source: Clarin


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