With Cecilia Roth in the audience and Fabiana Cantilo on stage, Fito Páez kicked off the celebrations for Love After Love

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With Cecilia Roth in the audience and Fabiana Cantilo on stage, Fito Páez kicked off the celebrations for Love After Love

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Fito Páez in the first of his eight shows at the Movistar Arena to celebrate 30 years of “Love After Love”. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

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Fito Páez knew he had an ace up his sleeve. As he said Tuesday night at a time of first of eight shows in the closed Movistar Arena stadiumone of his musicians occasionally reminded him that it was the anniversary of one of his albums, and the 30 years of Love after love I found him eager to celebrate.

The phenomenon of “pop retromania” has been the subject of popular culture essays and books, due to the hype that has occurred over the past two decades over sudden band reunions, reissues of classic records, and anniversary tours of major albums.

Neither the public nor the musicians who experienced the fury of a great album imagined that years later those songs would mean so much to so many people, just as no one imagined the permanence and validity of 70-80 year old singers and guitarists or more, like Paul McCartney.

But no matter how furious vintage items like vinyl records, turntables and walkmans are, Fito probably didn’t imagine his ace in the hole would be so powerful. Not only sold out eight functions that add up to more than 90 thousand peoplebut this celebration also made possible a huge world tour and re-recording of Love after love with a number of young artists, a secret that has not yet been revealed.

Forks this display of activity in the present is what differentiates Fito from other examples of anniversaries and celebrations purely and exclusively tinged with nostalgia or economic profit. Because it has a very rich present, with a recent trilogy of albums, an orchestral show at the Teatro Colón with songs by Charly Garcia and even a biopic.

Fito Paez, then, is in the ideal place to revisit the past, without guilt or remorse or complexes, because you can enjoy this pop retro mania with the peace of mind of having a great present and an auspicious future. You can stroll along the boulevard of memories and enjoy it, just as it was seen in the Villa Crespo stadium.

In the photos: Fito Páez kicked off the celebrations of Love after love, the most successful album of Argentine rock

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In the photos: Fito Páez kicked off the celebrations of Love after love, the most successful album of Argentine rock

details of the debut

The show is structured in three parts. first, everything Love after love with songs in the same order as album 192. Second, a stretch with seven hits ranging from their second album (11 and 6 Y I come to offer my heartby Giros) to his penultimate work (the best of our lifefrom the wild years, 2021). Third, the encore, with It’s just a question of attitude, to give is to give Y teknicolor butterfly.

As the only special guest he is Fabiana Cantilothat sings and dances Two days in the life, Brilliant on the microphone, To roll my life Y I come to offer my heart.

In addition, the stable band of Fito (Diego Olivero, Vandera, Juani Aguero, Juan Absatz, Diego Olivero, Gastón Baremberg and Mariela “Emme” Vitale) has the addition of an impeccable wind section (Alejo von der Pahlen on sax, Manu Calvo on trombone and Ervin Stutz on trumpet and flugelhorn).

The recital began at 9:25 pm with an introduction by Absatz with mattresses of keyboards and some elaborate vocals, up to the characteristic rhythm of the song Elove after love and all the musicians joined, except Fito, who began to sing out of the frame. But he immediately appeared and greeted him with a “Hello Buenos Aires!”. The audience was already on fire.

The review of the best-selling album in Argentine record history was quite respectful of the original arrangements, although there were several very good licenses, such as the introduction to the piano in La Verónica and Juani’s solos in Ballad of Donna Elena Y roll life.

Flowers for Fabi and Cecilia Roth

Beyond the music, the image of the entire stadium turning on the cell phone light was very impressive. Brilliant in the microphone. Even some anecdotes, like the previous story A dress and a love, where Fito said that one day Caetano Veloso sang it for him, staring at Cecilia Roth throughout the song, “and I was dying of jealousy,” said Páez. “This is all for you,” Rosario’s man pointed out, with his eyes fixed on the former companion and muse of Love after lovesitting in one of the first rows.

At the end of the first part, Fito said: “A spectacular night like this doesn’t happen every day, that’s why I want to give this bouquet of flowers to Fabi and Ceci, and thank how beautiful and beautiful they have made my life.”

Other successes and bis

After doing at the side of the roadcommented Fito, almost in passing, “It seems written today”, the last stretch of Yo I come to offer to my heart had an exquisite arrangement, there was an orchestral introduction in city ​​of poor heartsIt’s inside It is to give including a quote to the legendary telephone wig by Spinetta, Garcia and Aznar.

Unexpectedly, before doing the encore (and wearing a third costume change) the whole stadium spontaneously started singing And it brings joy to my heart. Fito played with them but immediately returned to the list of songs he had planned. It is definitely a song to add completely.

The best summary of this new anger for Love after love Fito Páez himself mentioned it at the beginning of the two and a half hour concert: “What kilombo was put together, that! I don’t know what that means, but it’s something beautiful that happened in our lives that we don’t want to forget and we have to defend it tooth and nail “.


Source: Clarin

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