Rapper Post Malone fell off a stage, hit his ribs, and stopped the show

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American rapper Post Malone suffered a terrible accident during a concert at the Saint Louis Enterprise Center last weekend. In the middle of the show, singing his hit You look for and went down the ramps next to the audience, collapsed spectacularly. The concert had to be interrupted.

As subsequently reconstructed, in the center of the ramp there was a hole, a large hole that was used to insert some tools into the complex platform with video screens and sets. It was a dam that someone had forgotten to close and where the famous 27-year-old rapper fell.

The details

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The singer was left lying on the floor and the entire Post Malone team and his fans were shocked. Nobody knew the severity of the fall. Immediately, a medical team took to the stage as if it were a show. The closest ones ensured that the rapper’s legs were shaking in pain, but Post Malone decided to continue with the show, squeezing his ribs in pain,

Back on stage after the break he said: “S. Louis, I’m so sorry I spoiled the show tonight, ladies and gentlemen. I promise next time I’m here I won’t ruin your night, sorry. Having said that … I want to thank you for your patience and I’m sorry. There was a big hole in the middle of the stage where I smashed my ass. Thank you all. I have the best fucking fans in the world. ”He was cheered.

As some fans have recalled, she wasn’t the first to fall on stage. It already happened a couple of years ago, in 2020, while I was singing I fall apart, and in 2018 suffered a plane crash without consequences. In the same year, at dawn, he too collided with his Rolls Royce against another vehicle. But nothing was as bad as this time.

The Post Malone tour

From now until February 7, 2023, Post Malone has more than 40 concerts scheduled in the United States. What is not known yet is whether there will be any cancellations due to the severe drop on Saturday.

The tour is called “Twelve Carat Toothache”.

The tragic case of Sergio Dénis

The artists who play every week often have similar stories. A bus that does not arrive on time, stops halfway or crashes. A precarious stage that falls apart when the musicians enter the scene. The stories are innumerable, but in general they do not go beyond the anecdote which in perspective is even beautiful and picturesque.

However in Argentina there was a famous case with a tragic end: Sergio Denis. On March 11, 2019, the singer fell off the stage where he was performing at the Mercedes Sosa Theater in Tucumán. He suffered several injuries for which he underwent surgery but never managed to regain consciousness: he passed away in 2020.

The incident occurred while he was executing the blow I call you to greet yousinging in the aisle of the theater, between the seats, among his admirers who appreciated the artist’s proximity and filmed and photographed with their cell phones.

After walking several meters back and forth along that corridor, Sergio Denis returned to the stage, climbing the main four-step staircase. With his back to the audience, he went up first and picked up the pace with the other three. Everything is normal. And already on the entrance platform of the stage, he turned and looked at his people again. He never stopped singing.

In front of the spectators, he took a couple of side steps. There was no railing or constraint and the third step was fatal, because he found no support and fell into the pit where the orchestra musicians usually stand, which was empty because on the stage there was the band accompanying the artist.

The moment he lost his balance, his voice died away and the band stopped playing. There were shouts from people, some who reacted to pit and help the singer, others who were paralyzed with their cell phones on, many cried out of nervousness and anguish.

He was transferred by ambulance to the Ángel C. Padilla hospital. His condition was very serious, with brain contusions, multiple targets, a hemorrhage, severe brain edema, a fracture of the temporal bone in the head and another fracture of the collarbone and shoulder blade. After the initial examination, which included imaging of the brain, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis, he went straight to the operating room where he was operated on. He then spent more than 400 days in a coma, leading up to death from cardiac arrest.


Source: Clarin

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