Bahillo tries to calm the waters: “Our vocation to dialogue remains unchanged”

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Bahillo tries to calm the waters:
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The Secretary of Agriculture, Juan José Bahillo, said he will intercede for the agricultural sector before the Central Bank. Photo: Andrés D’Elia

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After the confusion generated last night by the circular sent by the Central Bank which established that producers, cooperatives, collectors and exporters entering the soybean dollar could neither buy nor the savings dollar nor the MEP dollar or counted with liqui, the nation’s secretary of agriculture Juan José Bahillo came out to clarify that the measure did not include producersand then it was the Central Office itself that completed the clarification by stating that natural persons are not included in the resolution.

Today, in an effort to calm the waters, Bahillo focused on the success of the soybean dollar. “We will work to ensure that this program continues to develop with the success it was developing with. We have exceeded the expectations we set ourselves at the beginning of the program, with about 8.4 million tons of soybeans and over 4.500 million dollarsvery close to the initial goal and still two weeks to go, “he said.

In addition to taking advantage of this special window to acquire a slightly more attractive price than soybeans, from the productive sector they have gathered anger for various reasons. Firstly, against exporting companies, since they are the big beneficiaries of the flood of soybean supply and that they pay prices below their theoretical capacity. Secondly, against the Central Bank, which last week raised interest rates for producers who did not sell 95 percent of their soybeans, a measure that the sector considers discriminatory. And third, yesterday’s circular, a drop that is about to overflow from the camel’s back.

Knowing that camp spirits are on, Bahillo said: “Our vocation for dialogue and joint work remains unchanged. I exclude the good will of the productive sectors to establish a common working agenda with the authorities beyond coincidences or dissensions “.

And regarding access to finance, a vital issue for thousands of producers ahead of the next campaign, he added: “We will work together with Economy officials to send our application to the Central Bank, understanding that we will continue to work for the ‘access to competitive credits for the sector, so that there are adequate credit lines to continue growing ”.

Source: Clarin

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