Drew Barrymore said at the age of 9 her parents allowed her to use drugs, but not sugar

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Drew Barrymore said at the age of 9 her parents allowed her to use drugs, but not sugar

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Drew Barrymore was a precocious actress with a difficult childhood. AP photo

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Few people know what it means to experience success from an early age and even fewer have been able to tell it as adults. Actress Drew Barrymore is one of the actresses with one of the longest careers in Hollywood, which began when she was just six, becoming famous for the role of Gertie in the film ET (1982), but which gave rise to his childhood was the most complicated.

The actress talked about it last Friday, September 16, in her podcast, Drew News, who was receiving his great friend, fellow actor Rob Lowe. During her speech, the actress confessed some details of her atypical childhood of hers, such as the fact that her parents allowed her to use drugs as a child, but not sugary foods.

The two actors were discussing whether or not it was advantageous to ban the consumption of sugar to children when they are protagonists Charlie’s angels (2000) made a peculiar confession: “My mother did not allow me to consume sugar. Study 54 (for the legendary New York nightclub), marijuana and alcohol were fine but I couldn’t touch the sugar“, Account of his mother, also actress Jaid Barrymore.

Your mother’s reasons

According to the actress, her mother who forbade her from eating sugar only made her want to eat it more: “I hid the chocolate in the cupboard,” she confessed, “All the other vices were known, but the sugar was something that was hidden. Really, she hid a box in the closet. “

It is not the first time that the actress, who is now 47 years old and who finished becoming famous at 17 in the film Poison ivyby Katt Shea, and whose performance was rated by the English newspaper Guardian as a character “sexy, vulgar and dangerous”tells what his atypical past was like.

“I had problems and too many resources,” he explained about the program a few months ago Howard Stern’s show by SiriusXM. “I was going to clubs and not to school and I was stealing my mom’s car and I was out of control“A very complicated situation that led him to try marijuana at nine, cocaine at twelve, abuse alcohol and even think about taking his own life.

Your first admission

At the age of 13, his mother entrusted Drew Barrymore to Van Nuys Psychiatric for more than a year: “You couldn’t waste your time there. If you did, they threw you into the padded room or put you on a stretcher and tied you up“explained the actress.

After “30 years of therapy and a lot of inner research”, Drew Barrymore said she realized she had a problem: “I finally thought about perhaps he needed some kind of structure and discipline because everything was very accessible, so ruined in my world that perhaps treatment was needed to be able to start over the rest of my life, “he acknowledged.

She also says she comes to understand why her mother’s attitude towards her at that time: “I think she lived with a lot of pain and I haven’t even talked to her for a long time.”

Fortunately, time, therapy and discipline managed to focus her on her career, to which she added some greater responsibilities to her participation as an actress, such as directing films.

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