An application to guide tourists passing through Lac-Saint-Jean

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Tourists visiting Lac-Saint-Jean can now use a mobile application when traveling around the territory.

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By downloading the application Explore Lac-Saint-Jeanusers can benefit from advice from a virtual character trained in the tourist attractions to be discovered.

The initiative comes from the Tourism division of Alma-Lac-Saint-Jean-Est (CIDAL) Innovation and Development Corporation, which invested $ 56,000 for the development of the project.

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A woman speaks behind a lectern outside near a poster of a character.

Using a mobile application guided by an augmented reality character for tourist reception in Quebec is a first. The Tourism division has been able to adapt to the new realities of visitors and to be a leader in digitalsaid the mayor of Alma and president of CIDALSylvie Beaumont.

Ang CIDAL hoping to increase travel to the territory as well as spending visitors to tourism businesses in the region. He also wants to address customers who are accustomed to consulting their cell phones to get information when they travel.

Source: Radio-Canada

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